A Short List Of Things I’m Learning As I Get Older

life lessons and things you learn
Taylor Bryant

1. I’m learning that my power really lies in my reactions. I’m finally seeing that not every little thing that bothers me deserves a reaction. I’m learning that no matter what the outcome of a situation is, I’m always able to walk away from it with a better understanding of myself. I’m finally realizing how exhausting it is to react to every single bad thing that happens to me. And by simply letting something go, I’m allowing it to pass me by gracefully.

2. I’m learning to let things end when they need to. And to stop wasting my time and energy trying to make something work that isn’t meant to. I’m learning that by simply welcoming the ending of something can be a blessing in disguise. It can spark the beginning of something even better.

3. I’m learning that there’s nothing wrong with being emotional. I’m learning that being soft is something I should appreciate about myself. I’m seeing how incredible it can be to be in touch with my emotions. I’m seeing that if someone else isn’t comfortable with those emotions, they aren’t right for me. I’m seeing how beautiful it is being soft can be in such a bitter world. It means that despite all the heartbreaks, rejections, and failures I’ve faced, I’m still choosing to give my love freely with all I’ve got. And that itself is something worth celebrating.

4. I’m learning to stop letting people come and go from my life as they please. I am no longer allowing myself to be an open door, only for those looking for a temporary stay. And if they wanted a spot in my life, they wouldn’t have left in the first place. I’m learning that on-and-off relationships will never be fulfilling for me. I’m seeing how important consistency is. And when someone truly loves you, they will always show up for you. I finally have faith in the idea that someday, somebody is going to walk into my life, and they will stay.

5. I’m learning to ditch the idea that my life should be aligned with what society deems as being perfect. I’m seeing how my own version of perfection is all I will ever need in order to be happy.

6. I’m finally learning the difference between want and need. And how sometimes it is easy to confuse the two.

7. I’m learning to unapologetically make mistakes. And no matter what, I should always try and make things right when I do. I’m am no longer a prisoner to my failures. I’m finally learning to let go of the past.

8. I’m learning how important it is to appreciate a moment before it passes me by. I’m learning how to be present, not only physically, but mentally too. I’m seeing how important it is to be present in whatever it is I’m doing in any given moment.

9. I’m learning to live my life without expectations. I’m realizing that expectations only bring disappointment.

10. I’m learning how to live comfortably with fear. I’m starting to welcome fear with open arms instead of running from it. I’m finally seeing how fear isn’t always a bad thing.

11. I’m learning there is always a lesson hidden underneath all the pain. And when you finally let go of that pain, you will uncover those lessons. I’m finally realizing pain is only temporary, even when it feels like it isn’t.

12. I’m learning that plans were made for adjusting. And that just because you took a different path, certainly doesn’t mean you went off track. I’m seeing how messy life can be. I’m finally learning to love my life for the mess that it is. TC mark


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  • http://theniqabgirl.wordpress.com Sajda Afifi

    Well i really enjoyed your article. You are a wise person and I learnt a lot from you. And the most I agree with point number 1 – so not react to bad things..really its wasting a time and healt..keep your lovely thoughts and share them with the world

  • http://thewordpressowl.wordpress.com theOwl30

    I am glad to discover more younger people writing posts like this. At least they are analyzing their life and taking time to think. This is good. But let’s a bit deeper. I offer some thoughts & challenges:
    1. Power really lies in your reactions. Yes and no. You are right when you talk about being free to walk away. But when folks say it’s not what happens to you but how you react to it…really? 99 times out of 100 thats just a beating around the bush of implying we should put up with it, not react, and don’t let it get to us. Really?!? But would you honestly tell that to a wife who gets beaten by an alcoholic husband? It DOES get to you, or her, and it isn’t her reaction, it’s a just plain BAD circumstance and the guy is an Ass! This leads me to something else:

    2. “I love him/her Unconditionally”. Gawwd! What a line of BS. There are always “conditions”. Again, would you allow yourself to be beaten by a raging alcoholic and still say:…”but I love him/her Unconditionally”? I hope not. You will love him/her AS LONG AS you are not horribly mistreated. That’s a “condition”. And it should be. There is more:

    3. from #2, above: “I’m learning to let things end when they need to.” Ok, but—How soon is that? There are less and less couple these days who are together long enough to celebrate their 30th wedding Anniversary. I am reminded of an old couple being asked how they managed to stay together so long and they replied: “You see, we were born in a time before things were disposable. We made an effort to fix things instead of just casually throwing them away”. Food for thought.

    4. from #9, above, learning to live without expectations. I feel this is unrealistic. Everyone has expectations. It might be true that if you dont have them, you will feel less hurt. But A) it wont stop the loneliness and B) if you don’t have any expectations and just “let it happen”, doesn’t this sound like resignation and setting yourself up to be a doormat? So I offer this next one:

    5. How about trying this: Make two short lists. The first list is: 5 short deal-breakers or pet peeves that you absolutely DO NOT WANT in a romantic long-term relationship. The 2nd list is 5 things you definitely DO want from your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife. Its easy to be so “busy”. I hope I take the time, myself, to do this later.

    I’m no expert, just a guy who has fun kicking ideas around. I am theOwl30. You can find my site at: thewordpressowl.wordpress.com Thanks for reading this.
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