This Is What It’s Like To Date You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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You want to meet someone with whom you “click” with and bond with.You can be very guarded and closed off, even with those you love the most. You crave a relationship with a lot of depth. And you won’t settle for anything less than that. So when you do date new people, you are subconsciously looking for someone who is able to understand your needs in such a way that you feel comfortable sharing that hidden, hide of you that nobody else gets a chance to witness.


You’ll stay single until you find someone worthy of your love.You’re a goal-orientated person. You are always focusing on your goals and ambitions. You’re working tirelessly to create a really bright future for yourself. So you’ve kind of put dating on the back burner for now. Honestly, you’re just waiting until you meet someone who makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Someone who has the same drive for life as you. And someone who you motivate with similarly. Your standards are set very high, and that’s not only for relationships, but also for yourself.


You want to meet someone who effortlessly understands everything about you.You are perfectly content alone. You enjoy your own company, so dating isn’t always your #1 priority. You want to date someone who you you feel inspired by the connection you have with that person. You’re searching for your muse. And maybe you’re uncertain of what this person will entail, but you aren’t going to settle for anything else besides butterflies. When you meet them, you’ll know.


You won’t date someone until you’re certain there’s true potential.You won’t even consider someone as a romantic endeavor until you know that they are serious about you and the potential relationship. You are emotional and a highly deep thinker. So you want someone who is able to get in touch with the deepest depths of your soul, especially those parts you have trouble seeing yourself. You want to feel close with someone, and know that it’s something real.


You love the chase and you’ll chase until you find someone who has everything you want and need.You want somebody who you see potential in. You love the chase when it comes to the game of love. You love the push and pull. And if you don’t see potential in someone, you won’t stick around long. Until you find someone who you genuinely want to get to know on a emotional level, you’ll be just fine with keeping your status as single.


You’re searching for the storybook romance. And you won’t settle until you find it.You are somewhat a hopeless romantic. You aren’t one to date around as much, but once you invest in somebody you will dedicate all of your time and energy to that person. You know that a fairytale ending in fact, DOES exist. And you aren’t going to settle until you find it.


Dating is a wild, crazy adventure for you.You look as dating as an adventure. And there are no limits to how many of these adventures you will go on. You’re bouncing back and forth between the desire to be loved and the desire to be free. You want someone who is just as unpredictable as you are, never knowing what’s coming next. You’re thrill seeker not only in dating, but in life in general.


You’re perfectly content with being single. And until you find someone who makes love seem worth it again, you will continue to stay that way.You don’t need anyone. You’re good on your own. And you’ll date on occasion, but nothing ever too serious. It’s hard for you to find someone who you can spend a lot of time with and not get bored of. Someone who proves, through their actions, that life is better with them than without. You want a partner who shares the same interests and has “like minded” behaviors. And to be honest, you really just want someone who will make love seem worth it again.


You’re waiting for someone who gives just as much as you do.You are the type of person who wholly devotes yourself to your partner. And you give endlessly to your relationships. So, you crave that kind of devotion in return. You need someone who is as emotional as you are. Someone who is in touch with their feelings and isn’t afraid to show it. Someone who craves that type of intimacy that you do. And most importantly someone who never stops showing how much they care.


You’re the one that’s known as being “forever single”.You’ve convinced yourself and everyone else around you that you just simply don’t have enough time to date. You’re busy. And you don’t want to waste your time dating around in hopes of miraculously finding “the one”. So, until you can see long-term potential in the horizon with someone, you aren’t really interested in devoting much time to a relationship, But once you do find that, it’ll be a game changer.


You love making new connections with people. Whether those connections be romantic or not. You live for making connections. You enjoy connecting with others on an emotional level. You live for those spontaneous moments and dating experiences that teach you a little bit more about yourself in return. And to be honest, you’re not in much of a rush to settle down right now. So, until you meet someone who completely sweeps you off your feet, you will continue to harbor new connections until you find the one that’s right for you.


You look for stability in relationships. Where you know what to expect from it.You look for stability in a relationship. To you, love isn’t just a word, it’s an action. It’s waking up next to the same person every day, and supporting them through better and worse. You want someone who can show you stability and that you’re not going to be wasting your time anymore.


You want a relationship that is going to last. And you want to share everything and everything with that person. You crave a relationship where you can “go all in” with that person. When you meet someone who will devote themselves to you and only you, you’re all for it. You go all in. You long to cater to that person’s every single want and need. And you want them to do the same in return. You want a partner to create a life with. You want someone you can be open about your feelings with. Your pure excitement for life is endless, and your relationships are just a reflection of that.


You’re known as being a “player”, and you will play the field until the right one comes along and makes you retire those ways.You’re sort of a “player” when it comes to the dating game. You are super charming and people are typically drawn to your charismatic nature. You are a magnet for most people. They fall head over heels. And when someone starts to get close to you, that’s when you push them away. And usually it’s without knowing you’ve already fallen for them too. Your heart and mind are constantly in at war with each other.


You want to spend time with someone who just makes sense to you.You’re sick and tired of the gruesome dating process. It’s become such a chore for you that you can’t even fathom going on another terrible date again and feel like you’ve wasted even more time on the wrong person. You aren’t looking for someone to just casually hook up with on occasion. So, you write off the idea of love and romance, and act like it doesn’t interest you anymore. You will stay single until someone comes along and take you by surprise, and until then you’ll continue to focus on yourself.


You’re too focused on your own goals right now to have time to date someone who isn’t everything you’ve ever wanted and more.You’re extremely driven. And you have big goals. So that makes dating seem a bit dry and forced to you. You’re looking for somebody that fits into your life perfectly just the way it already is. You find it hard to fully commit yourself to another person until they prove to you that they’re just as encouraging and supportive to your goals as you are. And that they won’t get in the way of you achieving them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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