Why I Love Being Alone And There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With That

Jed Tuazon

My question is, why is spending time alone such a stigma? Why is doing things alone inescapably associated with being lonely?

For me, spending time alone rejuvenates my soul. It helps me take a step back to gather my thoughts and plan my next move. It’s my “me” time to regroup and focus on what I want from life. It’s my “me” time to just be, me.If you go out to eat alone, people stare as if you have a giant blinking sign plastered directly across your forehead that says LOSER.

“Waiting for someone?” “Nope, it’s just me, thanks!” People are so bewildered that a person is capable of genuinely enjoying spending quality time with themselves. Automatically it means that you’re probably just lonely. Or sad. We associate being alone with being lonely and sad, and that isn’t always the case. Maybe this stems from thinking that if someone is alone they must they not have any friends or a significant other to do things with. Or maybe we’re so accustomed to sharing every single waking moment with another person that we have completely forgotten how to be alone. I truly think more people should do things alone. And they should do so unapologetically without the need to explain themselves. And that other people shouldn’t see it as being a strange phenomenon. Don’t miss out on a concert or an awesome day at the beach just because no one else will go with you. Go alone. It’s more fun than you’d think.

If a new movies comes out that no one else wants to go see, I go alone. If I want to go apple picking but don’t have a boyfriend to do that type of couple-ey stuff with, well guess what…I GO ALONE.

And there is unquestionably nothing wrong with it.

It’s not that I don’t like spending time with others. I’ve just always felt the happiest and the most at ease when I’m by myself. And it has resulted in being labeled the weird kid. And to be honest, sometimes I still think I am the weird kid. I may across as being shy if you don’t know me, but I’m the life of the party when you do. And from my own experience, I strongly believe that the quiet, introverted people are usually the ones that are most full of life. My friends might have a difficult time understanding how my mind works, but I can’t really blame them. If you’re outgoing and enjoy being in big crowds, it’d definitely be hard to understand the mind of a wallflower. Because to be completely honest, I don’t really understand it either.

But what I do know is I appreciate the fact that I genuinely enjoy being in my own company.

And that I could care less if spending time by myself makes me look like a weirdo. Because I have come to the understanding that I’m not a weirdo. And the fact that I am capable of finding pleasure in the joy of being alone itself, will always be more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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