We’re The Generation That Is Losing Its Ability To Love

Campila Cordeiro

We use dating as a time filler. We can’t seem to get real relationships, and when we finally do get them, we can’t seem to ever make them last. Maybe you’re “talking” to someone whether that be casual or serious, or maybe you’re just playing the field. We’re dating for the sake of dating and this is why we’re losing our ability to love.

The phrase ‘talking to’ is used so often that we don’t even know what it actually means. When you’re ‘talking to’ someone, you’re bound to get attached to them, yet you have no legitimate ties with that person whatsoever. When someone expresses further intentions that’s when things take a turn for the worst. Neither of you know how to properly communicate so instead you’ll continue to play the guessing game until it eventually fizzles out. You probably never even had intentions of being with that person but the chase is what makes it fun, right?

When you’re the one that cares more, you’re the considered the weakest link. If you’ve been burned, you become bitter. Subliminal messages are now a way to communicate instead of talking face to face. It’s entirely about who can put on a front and act less interested, and it’s almost always all about the chase. Once we get what we want, we probably won’t even really want it all that much anymore.

Dating has morphed into a ruthless mind game filled with false hope and second guesses. It’s turned into something that isn’t all that fun anymore. It’s hard to even be excited to start dating someone new because that little bit of doubt lingering in the back of your mind will ultimately ruin things before they even have the chance to start. We let our minds control our dating life, not our hearts, and that’s one of our biggest problems. Idealistic expectations and old habits die hard. If I can’t even figure out what’s going on in my own head, how the HELL am I supposed to guess what’s going on in someone else’s? If a guy doesn’t make it known that he’s genuinely interested in me, I want to be able to tell him to take a hike. Instead, self-doubt undoubtedly kicks in and I’m stuck questioning if I did something wrong.

“I texted him and he didn’t respond, but posted a story on snapchat.”
“He’s one-wording me.”

We let ourselves become consumed in irrelevant sh*t like this and I for one am SO sick and tired of caring about it.

We suck at dating because when things become too much or too little, we’re no longer interested. We need to find someone to fit in our lives perfectly or we want nothing to do with it anymore. Then we’re insulted when someone does it to us, and it’s one big mind game that reluctantly we’ve all signed up to partake in. When we’re all trying prove that we’re the one that cares less, it turns into a contest that in the end, no one really ever wins. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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