Why Happiness Is A State Of Mind, Not A Destination

Mohammad Faruque
Mohammad Faruque

The biggest problem we have today is that we treat happiness like it’s a destination that we’re impatiently waiting to arrive at. We’re searching for our happy ending yet we aren’t even sure exactly what that is. Instead of making the most of our current situation (whatever it may be), we stay focused on everything that’s keeping us from that pleasure.

We need to realize that happiness is not a destination-it’s a mind set and a choice we make every single day.

Create happiness wherever you are right now in life and let it grow. Your life isn’t determined solely on what life brings to you, but more on the attitude that you bring to life. So, if you think that happiness is going to be in the next job, next city, or next partner, you will never truly be satisfied.

You will never be happy with your life if you’re always focusing on your mistakes, failures, and shortcomings.

Always strive to do better but appreciate yourself in the process of doing so. The concept of growth is the purpose of our existence. You have to applaud yourself while working towards the things that you really want.

You’re constantly complaining about things that you’re able to change yourself. You’re convinced that you’re stuck in the same place you’ve always been. You strive to be genuinely happy but you keep engulfing yourself in things that fill you with negativity-yet you wonder why you’re so unhappy.

The only thing standing in between yourself and happiness is you.

Maybe you aren’t exactly where you see yourself in the long run but you’re on your way and THAT is what truly matters. You can’t sit around and hope that someday happiness will arrive at your front door step, because it certainly won’t. Life can be hard. It will knock you down more times than you think you can handle. You probably aren’t going to be 100% happy every single minute of every single day because that’s just unrealistic. When things seem dark and giving up seems to be the only option is when you need to hold on tighter. Push through the bad times because it’s the only way you’ll ever be able to appreciate the good ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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