The Ugly Truth About Why You Push People Away


The newest trend in the world of dating is, “let’s end things before they even start.” Before a fling can evolve into something that’s real we resist each other until the connection eventually fades away on it’s own.

We’ve convinced ourselves that timing is everything. Everything happens for a reason and you must trust the timing of your life in order to thrive.

But, it’s never going to be the right time to fall in love.

There’s no scheduled time and date for it. It happens on it’s own and it happens without any fair warning. It often happens when life feels chaotic and everything seems to be out of place. We’ll continue to tell ourselves that the timing is off and we’re not ready- but, will we ever really be 100% ready?

We’re deathly afraid to open up to someone new because it’s scary to let someone see you in your most vulnerable state. This ultimately gives them the ability to tamper with your emotions, and this is is why we push people away. Mainly because we’re so focused on all the ways it can go wrong that we mutilate it before it even starts.

Keeping ourselves closed off from the possibility of finding a new potential connection is kind of ideal because we’d honestly rather play it safe. I then ask myself the question, is it better to be alone and miss out on an opportunity- or to risk a little pain?

Pushing people away first is satisfying because it’s better to know you’re the one who drove them away rather than it being the other way around. To be honest, it seems so much easier to hurt somebody else before they get the chance to hurt you- and this is where we’re going wrong.

Letting people in is a terrifying conception. But, what’s also terrifying is missing out on an opportunity to meet someone who might be life-changing. It doesn’t always mean you’ll end up with that person. Things might not work out and you might even get hurt in the midst of it all. Dating gives us insight. It gives us the ability to learn new things about ourselves. You’ll break hearts and you’ll get yours broken. When you let your guard down and let people in is when you start to truly grow as a person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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