The Truth Behind Rejection (And The Truth About Getting Over It)

Mateus Lunardi Dutra
Mateus Lunardi Dutra

I will admit that being rejected f*cking sucks.

Whether it’s from a person, a job, a family member, rejection causes us to build up walls to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable. What we fail to to see is that rejection is a concealed way of redirecting us to something else that is far greater than we could ever imagine. We have all been rejected, or so I’d like to think. That is because life is messy and people are messy. Nothing is black and white nowadays, and sometimes things won’t go as we originally planned. It is so easy to get your hopes up and if it doesn’t end up working out, it will feel like the end of the world. But I’m here to tell you, it definitely isn’t.

Accept rejection as it comes, and accept it as it goes.

When you are rejected by another person, be honest with yourself about it. It wasn’t meant to be and that’s okay. The reality of rejection is that at first it will hurt. You will feel insecure and maybe even embarrassed by the situation. Never feel less than because someone is treating you that way. That is something I’ve always needed to hear. No other person can dictate your worth.

“You don’t find your worth in someone else, you find your worth within yourself, then you find someone who is worthy of you. Remember that.” -Anonymous

Have faith that better things are in the works. I truly believe that rejection occurs for several different reasons. Just because something doesn’t work out doesn’t mean something better isn’t coming along. Be patient and have faith that the universe has it’s own unique way of working things out.

Don’t blame anyone or anything. If someone simply isn’t interested in pursuing you, don’t blame them for it. It’s not their fault and it’s not your fault. Whether it be a job, another person, etc., it isn’t right for you and it’s time to let it go and move forward. There is no blame to be placed on anyone, including yourself.

The reality is, you will probably be a victim of rejection more than once in your life.

Never beat yourself up for it and remind yourself that something better will always come along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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