If Love Is Meant To Be, It Will Never Fail

Have you ever thrown something in the ocean and watch as it sinks further and further away until you can no longer see it? And at that moment you know it is gone forever and that no one will probably ever find it. Oftentimes I felt like my future with love was what was tossed so effortlessly into the ocean. Whatever I threw clearly wasn’t that important to me since I let it go, but for some reason I felt like I’d never experience such a thing again.

Love will come in all different shapes, sizes, and forms. It will arrive like a tsunami when you have your back turned facing the rest of the world. You will finally have your feet planted ever so firmly on the ground, one foot in front of the other, ready to better yourself and focus on you and only you. Only then it will fall from the sky and hit you like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Sure you may recognize it, but it won’t be like anything you’ve ever had.

When you aren’t looking you will find someone who is only looking at you. They will fall in love with all your good as well as all your bad. They will cherish your hardships because they know you wouldn’t be who you are today without them. They will listen to your words and dissect the feelings you wish to bury beneath.

The love you find will be patient; because they know you are only trying to grow along with everyone else in the world. It will show you a kindness you have only ever dreamed about. It will not envy your success, but only encourage more of it. Love won’t feel the need to shout to the world about how perfect your relationship is. It will favor privacy and will not seek the validation of others.

Love will put its own desires on hold, so that you can fulfill your own. When mistakes are made, love will be understanding and not anger easily, because it knows that no one is perfect. As you and love come to find each other and grow through the curveballs and battles life has in store, it will not worry about who has the lead of always being right.

This love will be real. It will be an exotic destination you have never explored. It will be the love most people fantasize, but never believe exists. When your day is ruined, you will turn to love. When you are feeling worthless, love will uplift you and make you feel notable. When you feel like you can’t take the pressure of the world, love will be standing in your corner, cheering you on.

Love that is meant to be, will never fail.

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Ana Kyser

all about self liberations and group libations