A High School Friend Is Being Charged With Attempted Murder And, As A Medium, I’m Going To Use My Gifts To Help Her (Part Five)

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Flickr, Gerry Dincher

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Hello again…

In the last post of this series, you found that Alicia was arrested coming off of a plane and in front of her children.

She was arrested in another state that was basically doing a favor for her home state. I am not allowed to name that state and so it will just be called her home state from this point forward. She was arrested over a holiday weekend…which postponed a lot of the communication and ability to find out exactly what was going on.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine being on a plane one moment…just having landed from a vacation and the next moment, you are being hauled off in a pair of handcuffs as you look at the horrified looks on not only your children’s faces…but every stranger you pass on the walk of shame through the airport to the ground transportation?

I can’t. I don’t even want to try to imagine it.

When the time came for Alicia’s team to get the discovery(evidence against her), they found that the audio of Alicia’s interrogation was missing. They found this out six weeks after her arrest. It is gone. Disappeared. Poof! They try to claim Alicia was uncooperative in questioning and didn’t talk. Yet, on the video you can see her hands moving and arms waving about… as people do when they are talking. The things they say Alicia said or did in that interview can’t be proven…but neither can what Alicia says happened. This makes things interesting at least…very difficult at best.

What if I was to tell you that the area in which this all takes place is under investigation by the SBI? Yes, the State Bureau of Investigation is looking into bad acts…and also, there have been multiple deaths from shootings of African American males by white police officers. That isn’t pretty and surely has ignited a tension amongst people in that community.

When I did my first initial read of the prosecuting team, one of my points to Alicia was that this is a highly politically motivated case. A witch hunt…where she was going to be used to help appease a community up in arms. What better way than to save the two African American defendants in this case from unduly biased prosecution by going after the beautiful and successful white lady? A sacrificial lamb…

Did I mention Alicia’s lawyer is actually the lawyer for some of the above mentioned wrongful death suits? Oh…and the video evidence has miraculously disappeared from those shootings as well.

So what do they have on Alicia?

They have the testimony of two of the defendants and a female associated with them.

Alicia was offered a plea deal. No prison time. None. Why do you go from facing 52 years in prison to no prison time if you are so adamant that someone is guilty? Alicia refused the plea bargain.

After refusing the plea bargain, a revised statement of discovery came in. During the initial interview the codefendant stated 14 times that the “white lady” drove an all black car. He stated he did not know her name. He stated that he was not able to describe what she looked like. After Alicia turns down the plea, exactly four days after, they get a new interview from the ADA’s office…

The codefendant now miraculously knows Alicia’s name….her hair color…and what she drives. Which is not a black car at all.

Guess what?! The first four hours of his interrogation are missing too!

He was questioned for ten hours. His story broke after one of the breaks they took and it is not recorded. At all. So, he takes a break and all the sudden all of his memory capabilities come flooding forth. That is pretty amazing.

Then you have to think of what in the world would someone have to gain doing something like this.

Why? What would be the reason Alicia would hire these people to hurt or kill the very person she was very much in love with?

I will speak of motive in part six of this series.

Alicia is estimating over $150,000.00 so far in expenses…no matter what the outcome will be.

She has so-called friends that once they heard the word “indictment” took that as “guilty” and dropped off like flies.

For the first few months after being arrested, Alicia fought with profound and paralyzing depression. Anxiety. Fear. Who wouldn’t? Going to the grocery store took an act of God…and daughter dragging her out of the house. Only to get there and Alicia starts having a wave of panic and can’t go in. Every day tasks were impossible.

Then something kicked in…and Alicia began researching. Researching case after case of wrongful convictions. Researching the system and rules and laws.

Alicia is a 5’10 very fit woman who went from 157 pounds to 130 in no time. A meal every two days was about all she could handle. Sleep eluded her. So she would spend 20 hours of the day researching and trying to gain some understanding of what was happening to her.

Nightmares plagued her and many times she would end up in her grown daughter’s bed because her daughter was so concerned about what was happening with her mother. Cold sweats and screaming nightmares from being forced to look at crime scene photos over and over and reliving the trauma of that night every time.

Here, Alicia’s daughter has been offered two full ride scholarships to major Universities to play sports…and a residency at the sports training center and she did not take any of those in order to be there for her mom and take care of her.

Her son was a triple major at a University and was applying to dental school. He dropped out of one of his majors. Prior to this he had been a 4.0 student…and now had dropped to 3.875 because of the worry of being away at school and not home. He came home every single weekend to be with Alicia.

Here is an interesting series of events…the female witness in this story against Alicia…she was dating defendant number two in this case. She is the one who seemed to be the organizer of the story they all decided to start telling. She has since broken up with that man and started dating another. Her current boyfriend was with three African American males, all from the same day as her ex boyfriend doing this to Alicia and Matthew…these men went to a home asking for work…and when they found out the situation of who lived at the house…they took the woman and raped her. There are two other cases just like Alicia’s and Matthew’s with the same modus operandi. These people are all connected and know each other and yet, this has been dismissed or ignored? Not even looked into? Could this be some sort of gang initiation? The current town has refused over and over to even acknowledge the gang presence in their town.

They say there are text messages…and yet, AT&T confirms no texts were ever sent to the number they have said the texts went to. Forensically, there is no proof. They say her cell phone pinged close to the area…and that makes sense being she was attacked in the area. FBI has ruled the pinging of cell phone locations unreliable in other cases in a federal level.

There is only the word of the defendants. Who have prior records and felony convictions. One has stated he was in a conspiracy before and “beat it” — showing he is familiar with the system.

What would you do if the person accusing you, at first could not even describe what you look like…your name…gave the wrong make and color of your car when put on the spot to say what it was…and then, somehow…after recordings of his conversation with investigators disappears…he all the sudden has a burst of brain function and remembers clearly all of the above? What would you do if your whole life was in the hands of a prosecuting team that had their present and future careers on the line…an ADA who had a personal dislike of you…and in the testimony of the very men who attacked you and your loved one?

What would you do to pass the hours…the days ticking away as the trial date approaches? Month after month…day after day…hour after hour…

How would YOU try to save yourself, in a situation where everyone else is being given the benefit of the doubt…even ex-felons? Everyone else but you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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