I Had A Series Of Bizarre Paranormal Experiences In The Most Haunted Room Of McMenamins Edgefield

The next morning I woke up and immediately called room service for a coffee press. Zero sleep. I mean zero. I checked the spirit box…pretty intelligent string of communication at around 3 in the morning came through. “Like, to, hang, out, hallway.”

Okay then.

While waiting on the coffee, I began researching what others have experienced in this room 215.

Evidently, when renovating room 215, workers found what appeared to be small animal bones and a pentagram drawn on the floor. That explains the crosses in the room and the mural painted on the wall. If the hotel believed Satanic rituals may have taken place in that room…and then they start receiving guests… only to have one after the other say they are experiencing paranormal activity? I already know they did a blessing ceremony of the property before they opened it, to ward off any negative spirits. They must have really felt or known something to do that from the get go.



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    I love stopping by Edgefield at the end of a day of hiking in the Gorge. I have felt the entities that roam these strange halls. The mens room has an old clawfoot bathtub in it just outside the restaurant. It is a strange place.

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