38 Little Things That Make You Feel Great

1. When your body meets fresh sheets after a long shower.

2. When someone genuinely laughs at your lame joke.

3. When you walk out of an overly air-conditioned building into the summer air.

4. When the clerk at the grocery store is super nice rather than making you feel almost guilty for making them do their job.

5. When you’re at a concert and the band plays your favorite song.

6. When you wake up to the smell of breakfast.

7. When you see a shirt you really want and there’s only one left but it’s your size.

8. When you’re running late for work and you get all green lights.

9. When you’re watching something alone and it’s so funny that you laugh out loud.

10. When your outfit is super stylish and super comfortable.

11. When you make the basket.

12. When you buy something on sale but you didn’t know it was on sale.

13. When your tummy hurts and one big burp makes it go away.

14. When you lose a couple pounds without trying.

15. When you take all your coins to the bank and it’s more money than you thought it would be.

16. When you wake up early and realize you have several hours to sleep until the alarm goes off.

17. When you peel off a nice large chunk of skin from the sunburn.

18. When you have a cold and both nostrils open up for a few minutes of sweet mercy.

19. When it’s your birthday and someone way cooler than you writes on your Facebook wall.

20. When the stain comes off in the wash even after it sets in.

21. When you need more time to get ready and your friend texts you first because they need more time.

22. When someone posts a picture of you online that you haven’t seen and you look damn good in it.

23. When you think you’re out of clean underwear and you find one pair hiding at the bottom.

24. When you’re the only one in the movie theater.

25. When you fall in love with a song the first time you hear it.

26. When the fridge is fully stocked and the snacks overfloweth.

27. When you find an old gift card that still has a considerable balance on it.

28. When your friends’ parents are really easy to talk to.

29. When your bed head looks kind of awesome.

30. When a song you loved in 1998 comes on the radio after you completely forgot it existed.

31. When ordinary food tastes like heaven.

32. When a stranger compliments you.

33. When someone surprises you with your favorite candy bar.

34. When the clothes you put on are still hot from the dryer.

35. When you sing in unison with your friends.

36. When you hear your name in a song.

37. When someone finishes the chore or task you were dreading.

38. When you get it right on the first try. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Luis Hernandez

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