Hillary Clinton Has Given Just As Much To This World As The Stay At Home Wife In My 11am Yogalates Class


The great thing about Feminism is that it means that women can do anything. You can be a working woman or a stay at home mother and both choices are equally valid. There is no “wrong way” to do feminism.

This means that as good feminists, we never judge the choices of other women.

If a woman wants to not have kids so she can focus on her career, we’ll pat her on the back. If she wants to be a kept wife, that’s her choice to freely make. We applaud all choices equally. Hillary Clinton has given just as much to this world as the stay at home wife I see at my 11am yogalates class.

If you meet a woman that has saved lives as a surgeon, she isn’t any more impressive than a woman who became a nurse so she could better balance her schedule with her role as a mother. Besides, no one could ever become a surgeon in the first place without a mother.

The biggest problem with moving feminism forward are people who want to say that every choice is not equal. They want to say that what you accomplish can be better than what someone else accomplishes. All accomplishments are equal because what women want and choose to have are different. I don’t want my daughters to grow up in a world where the content of their choice is judged as if she could make a right or wrong decision. The only thing they need to know is that she is a woman and as such any choice she makes is to be met with universal approval.

If she wants to pick lint out of her belly button for all of eternity, we should all be happy Suffrage happened in order for her to have that ability.

Women are equal with men now. Just as we tell men they can follow their dreams and accomplish just as much in life by being a full-time dad rather than working a job, we applaud women for making this same decision. Raising kids, managing a household and working a job are all equally important. There is no good or bad, there is only equal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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