silhouette of persons doing heart hand

If Someone Loves You At Your Worst, Do Not Take Them For Granted

As we walk through life, we get tested in different ways and often surprise ourselves. Just like others are getting to know us, we are also getting to know ourselves. We get to know the bits and pieces we love about ourselves as well as those we are not really proud of. We let people in, which means that they end up sometimes seeing our cracks, our weaknesses, and our vulnerability. It is part of shared intimacy with someone, and yet we never know if they will like what they will see or let alone accept us for who we truly are.

And even though you think at times that some people will leave, that they will choose to let go of you because of your less beautiful parts, they end up doing the opposite. Despite the darkest things they see, some people will walk into your life and love those parts you think are unlovable. Some will come in and hold you while you cry instead of walking away. Some will choose to see the pain in your anger instead of the words you just uttered. Some people will choose to hold your hand, they will choose to hold your heart when you’re struggling. Some will remind you of how beautiful you are when you have long forgotten.

These people are so special because not only are they kind, but they also see you for who you truly are, the complete you. They see the parts you try to hide and witness the shortcomings you try to avoid. They see it and they stay. They see it and they still love you, and that is the highest and most complete way to feel loved. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing, to feel loved in your true essence?

If you have people like that in your life, they’re angels from the heavens. Don’t take them for granted. Instead, show them more of beauty. Try to protect their heart just like they protect and love yours. And please, don’t forget to love them despite their imperfections, because they do the same for you.