Be Soft

As we fall and rise through life, we need to remember to be soft. I think we all start off being soft but somewhere along the line, our vision gets blurred and we tend to lose our essence. We get bitter, our hearts harden, we stop giving as much and lock ourselves up. This is a normal reaction to getting hurt and getting disappointed but I ask you to always give yourself a chance to be soft a million times over.

Soft-hearted people is what the world really needs. The world needs people who have empathy, who are kind and loving and who are not afraid to show it or to give in large doses. In a world where sadness, anger and suffering exist, we need those who can take the hits and shake them off. We need those who can heal others and give them hope by being an example.

Being soft-hearted means you refuse to let the world change you. It means that you are strong and brave and willing to stand up after every difficult round and open your heart to the world again. It means that you choose to stand by yourself and give the world what it needs more of.

No matter how much you’ve been hurt, you can always heal and it’s often by opening your heart to the world again, by choosing to see the good and to be good.

You should never force yourself to be soft, but when you feel those tender, giving, sweet thoughts and feelings coming to the surface, don’t lock them away in a cage because you feel threatened and fear being hurt. The truth is, we all need soft people in our lives, people who love us, light our way, who are gentle, kind and sweet. It helps us survive. Imagine being that for someone, imagine being the reason someone learns to trust others and open their heart again.

Humans have an immense capacity to give and be highly compassionate and it’s in the ways that we can give back to the world and our fellow humans that we feel truly fulfilled and accomplished.

To be soft is to care for others, it is lifting others up as much your lift your own soul. It is seeing past bad behavior from a point of view of compassion, understanding, and acceptance. To be soft, you have to always forgive others and yourself. To be soft, you have to let love and gentleness flow through you. To be soft, you must not shy away from your heart and always remember that the world always deserves a second chance.