A Reminder That God Is Always Watching Out For You

A Reminder That God Is Always Watching Out For You

It’s been rough lately, hasn’t it? Life has been an aggregate of endless misery it seems. One swing after another was the expected pattern. There was no end in sight. There was no limit to how far you could fall.

It’s been rough lately, hasn’t it? You don’t answer me with words. Silence reveals much more than words ever could. The unsaid screams at me. Your pain is that evident. The heaviness is written all over your body. Your hands are trembling and your heart is racing. The color in your face drains away and an empty gaze stares back at me. You are at the aftermath of despair, where the scarred remnants of your pain still haunt you.

But what if they didn’t have to? What if we could switch the narrative? What if I told you, the possibility exists, the possibility that things can and will get better?

These words may not resonate at first but give them the mere opportunity to transcend your walls and breakdown your boundaries. Let these words awaken whatever died, whatever was taken from you. Let these words resurrect the vitality back into your soul.

I know it’s been rough. I know you’ve felt synonyms of pain I could never articulate. But what I can coherently express is the opposite. I can say with absolute confidence that you aren’t alone. You were never alone. Even through the roughest currents, you were never alone. This is your reminder that God is always watching out for you. In the depths of anguish, God is in the trenches with you. God is there, ensuring you experience what you need to in order to become the person you are meant to be. No experience is wasted. God always has a plan. He had a plan for everything you’ve went through and it is this, this moment when your eyes blink out of that hollow gaze and you regain your vision. This is the moment of your resurrection and when you remember what faith feels like again.

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Aman Basra

I have thematic discussions with my inanimate monkey.