I Am Slowly Learning You Cannot Teach People To Love You

I Am Slowly Learning You Cannot Teach People To Love You

I know the composition of your soul, dear reader. I know you are soft-hearted. I know you are the living embodiment of kindness and consideration. I know this because people of shared qualities recognize those components in each other. A tribe knows its kind. I see the softness shining from your aura. But I can also see another aspect of your soul, the costs of being so kind; I see the ramifications left by others. I can see the scars of hurt and disappointment.

Those scars on your soul reveal a fundamental lesson. You cannot teach people to love you. You cannot teach people to reciprocate the very kindness you share with the world. You cannot teach people to care when all they know is self-interest.

Dear reader, you must understand that you are a giver. You are the minority in this world. You selflessly give and give. You will dig a deeper hole and forgo your own well being for others. You will relentlessly share because that’s what you believe so wholeheartedly. Your motto is “how can I help?” even when you have nothing left of yourself to give.

But you have learned from experience the costs of being such a giver. Unfortunately, the world is marked by takers. These selfish breeds are experts of exploitation. There is no ounce of sincerity in their actions. All they know is narcissistic driven actions. They are self-involved and self-interested. They are masters of deceit and deflection. Any attempt you make to rectify the situation will only backfire. They will turn your kind ways against you, leaving you a victim of their horrid actions.

Dear reader, take a moment and remember this lesson. You cannot teach people to love you. You cannot teach people anything, really. You can only let them learn it for themselves. You are not responsible for their learning either. You may want to guide them. You may want to share with them as your soft-hearted soul compels you to. Your intentions are sincere, but for your own self preservation, remember walls and boundaries. The answer isn’t to harden, but rather greater scrutiny. Dear reader, your kindness is invaluable, and it’s time you treated it and yourself like the prized possession that you are. Continue to love, continue to evoke tenderness into the world, but more than anything, remember to be selective of your recipients. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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