Trust That Your Struggles Are Blessings From God

Trust That Your Struggles Are Blessings From God

It’s hard to believe I know. It’s hard to believe that in the depths of despair, there is a purpose for your pain. It’s so much easier to cave into jaded thoughts. It’s so much easier to conceptualize hopelessness when all your eyes can see is darkness.

Allow me to rectify the gloom. Allow me to lighten your cynical vision with a change of perspective and a spark of optimism. Allow me to restore your faith in something greater than both of us.

There is a purpose to your misery, I promise. There is a greater story unfolding but you just can’t see it. This current struggle is nothing more than a test, a test of faith and resilience. And I know you will overcome it, I know you will look across from the greener side after all of the anguish and rejoice in victory.

If your spirit is broken, that’s okay. It’s not completely dismantled. I know it’s still intact in some capacity and I know it will mend itself and remerge again. I know your vitality will come back, I can sense its pending return.

If your spirit is broken, trust that your struggles are blessings from God. Trust that your pain is not pointless. Trust that God has a plan for you; trust that he is watching over you even in these dark times. Trust that he wouldn’t test your resilience if he didn’t think you could handle it. Trust that he knows you can overcome whatever curveball life throws at you. Trust that he has written these struggles into your plotline as hidden blessings. Trust that your struggles are truly blessings as they stand as a testament that you can not only survive despair but come out on the other end of it, simply thriving. Trust that your struggles are truly blessings that serve as a reminder of what hope really looks like – an emerging beacon of light coloring your face with conviction and ceaseless faith. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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