Love Him But Don’t Let Him Rule You

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Zulmaury Saavedra

You love him, but beautiful girl, don’t you ever let him rule you.

If he makes you feel like you are not worthy, don’t you ever believe him. Know how important you are. Know how amazing you are. Never let him make you second guess yourself. Never let him make you wonder if you are good enough, and never let yourself feel like you are less because of him.

If he doesn’t laugh at your jokes, laugh at them yourself, because you are hilarious. If he doesn’t dance with you, dance by yourself, because you love to dance. Be free, because you are.

If he tries to play games with you, ignore him. If he is never there for you when you need him, be there for yourself. If he expects you to come running whenever he wants you, take your time. If he doesn’t text you back, go to sleep.

If he says something mean to you, say something nice to yourself. If he doesn’t take you out, take yourself out.

Don’t ever wait around on him. Pamper yourself. Enjoy yourself. Love yourself.

If he doesn’t support your dreams, dream bigger. If he tries to tear you down, build yourself up even higher than before. If he tells you that you should give up, fight back with everything that you have and prove him wrong.

If he tells you that you need him, remind yourself that you don’t. If he tries to say that he is your everything, remind him that you are your own everything. If he expects you to live for him before you live for yourself, remind him that you are too important to yourself to forget about, and if he calls you selfish for that, then he is not meant for you.

If he threatens to leave you, let him. If he believes that he owns you, leave him. If he tries to tell you who you can and can not speak to, stop speaking to him. If he tries to diminish your worth, walk away from him and never look back. 

Remember that this is your life, and this world is the kingdom that you rule. It’s your crown that sparkles, not his. It’s you who rules your life, and don’t you ever let somebody take that from you.

You love him, but beautiful girl, love yourself more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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