With Her, You Only Get One Shot

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She isn’t the girl that you can play with. She isn’t in it for winning your twisted games, and the consequence for trying to play them is losing her.

Because with her, you only get one shot.

She isn’t interested in being with someone who doesn’t care as much as she does. She’s been there and she’s figured out that she deserves more. So she won’t put up with someone who tells her that he loves her, and then doesn’t call her for three days. She won’t deal with the drama of wondering what you’re up to and she won’t let herself sink to the low of hoping that you still want her.

She isn’t in to the guy who will tell her that he loves her but then will never show her. She’s fallen for pretty words and empty promises before but now the cliché saying that reads “actions speak louder than words” echoes in her mind and reminds her that what someone says isn’t always what they mean. She’s someone who goes all out for the people that she loves, and she’s only willing to let someone in that does the same for her in return.

She isn’t looking for a love that isn’t real. So don’t even try to fool her. She see’s through your bull shit as you’re trying to see through another girl’s shirt. She’s been cheated on, and she isn’t willing to let it happen again. She doesn’t believe in second chances when it comes to destroying the person that you claim to love.

She knows that life gets hard, and relationships get complicated. Couples go through rough patches, and people make mistakes, but don’t ever mistake her for weak, and don’t ever think you can walk all over her. Because she isn’t weak, and you can’t. She’s as tough as they come, which means that you have to be tough enough to love her back.

She isn’t searching for someone who she has to change. She tried to be that girl before. She wanted to be special enough to change you, but then she realized that she only has control over herself and how she acts and who she is. Just like you only have control over yourself, and how you act, and who you are. So if she isn’t worth it to you, then so be it. She’ll be worth it to herself, and somebody, someday, will love her for that.

So you can forget about the girl who let you walk all over her. Say goodbye to the girl who claimed she was the one because she would always forgive you for no matter what you did. This girl isn’t her. This girl is strong. Because this girl, used to be that girl that let you hurt her but now she refuses to ever be that girl again.

With this girl, you only get one shot.

Because when she was that girl that gave you more than one shot, it didn’t work. It shattered her and left her broken. But then she found the strength to put herself back together and became the girl who loved herself, and now she won’t let anyone hurt her—at least not more than once.

But if that doesn’t scare you, and if you’re ready to the person that she deserves, then square up, and make your shot count, because you only get one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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