My Husband Is Amazing, But I’m Not ‘Lucky’ To Have Him

not lucky to have him
Becca Tapert

I have an amazing husband, and I love him more than anything in this world.

But I am not lucky.

He listens to me when I speak. He’s there for me whenever I need him. He puts me first, and he supports me in everything that I do.

But I am not lucky.

He even opens the door for me. He puts genuine thought in to our relationship, and thinks of me first. He gets me thoughtful gifts for our anniversary, and flowers just because. He sings with me in the car, and loves me with all his heart. But I am not lucky, but everyone tells me that I am.

I’m sure that people are even reading this right now and thinking, “She is lucky, and she sounds like a brat for thinking otherwise.”

I assure you that I am not, because I listen to my husband when he speaks. I’m there for him whenever he needs me. I put him first and support him in everything that he does.

But he is not lucky.

If I reach the door before he does, I open it for him. I put genuine thought in to our relationship, and always think of him first. I get him thoughtful gifts for our anniversary, and cook him his favorite dinners just because. I watch football with him every Sunday, and I love him with all my heart. But he is not lucky, and aside from family members, nobody has ever told him that he is.

Yet I am told all the time that I am the luckiest woman in the world and I’ve just never understood that, except now I think I might. People compliment him for treating me right, because he’s a man. And for some reason, we live in a world where a man is not expected to be good or kind, but a woman always is.

Please don’t get me wrong either, I appreciate my husband and everything that he does for me, but I’m not lucky because he treats me right.

He’s lucky that he treats me right, because if he didn’t then he wouldn’t be my husband.

The problem with saying that I am, is that it tells other women that they also must get “lucky” to find a man who treats them right, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Good men are out there and you just have to be patient and wait for one to come along.

It wasn’t luck that got me my husband. I waited for him. I waited for a man who treated me right. I didn’t settle for someone who treated me like shit. I didn’t even settle for someone who treated me “okay.” I waited for someone who treated me the way I deserve to be treated. I waited for someone who treats me the way that I treat him, and then I dated him for 5 years so I was positive that he was the type of person he claimed to be.

So to all you amazing women out there, and amazing men, never let anyone tell you that you are lucky for being treated with respect because you aren’t. You deserve it, and if you settle for anything less, then you’re doing a disservice to yourself because the person you’re with simply doesn’t deserve you.

You can tell my husband, and I, both, that we’re lucky to have love in our life, and you can definitely tell us we’re lucky to have found each other in this crazy world where people consider a woman lucky to find a man who actually treats her the way any decent human should be treated.

But don’t tell me I’m lucky because my husband treats me right, and don’t tell him either, because neither of us deserve a compliment for doing what we’re supposed to do, and we don’t want one.

We love each other, and you treat the person you love with respect.
You listen to them when they speak. You support them in everything that they do. You put genuine thought in to your relationship, and you always put each other first, because you love each other with all your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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