I Didn’t Start To Really Love You Until There Were No More Butterflies

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I remember the day that I first met you. My voice shook as I said hello, and my heart raced in my chest.

Then, an infestation of the most beautiful kind of butterflies invaded my stomach, and for a long time they only seemed to visit me while I was in your presence.

Everyone told me that the butterflies would go away, and at the time, I thought that meant they would carry our love off with them. It was a terrifying thought, but thankfully, I was wrong.

Because our love didn’t even truly begin until they were gone.

When the butterflies flew away, I not only had love, but I had gained a best friend. I was no longer shy around you, but instead, I couldn’t wait to tell you my every thought.

I no longer felt like I shouldn’t text you first, or call you at night. I asked you out on dates, and I quit ordering salads, and ate pizza instead.

When the butterflies flew away, I no longer waited on you to grab my hand, but I grabbed yours instead. I kissed you more fiercely and hugged you even tighter.

When the butterflies flew away, I didn’t think twice about what I wore or feel like I had to do my hair every day. I was able to wipe my makeup off right in front of you and still feel beautiful, and I no longer giggled when you told me that I was.

I never giggled around you at all anymore. Instead, I erupted in to the most ugly fits of laughter with tears streaming down my face and a couple accidental snorts breaking past my lips.

When the butterflies flew away, I no longer felt the need to lie and tell you that nothing was wrong, when something clearly was. I was able to be real with you, and I craved for you to be real with me

My heart no longer raced in my chest, but it slowed down to the easiest beat imaginable. I no longer felt on edge because I had never felt more safe in my entire life than I did in your arms.

When the butterflies flew away, I told you everything that I had once considered too personable to share with anyone. I let you in and you saw me for me.

When the butterflies flew away, I no longer felt uncomfortable or shy. I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I felt like I was home.

And what meant more than anything, is that when the butterflies flew away…you told me that you had fallen in love with me, and I did the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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