What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Never Been Treated With Respect

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She won’t be like anyone you have ever met before, and I mean that in the best and the worst way possible. It’s like losing your wallet but then winning the lottery the very next day. A minor inconvenience followed by an unexpected blessing.

It’ll be hard at first. The men before you have left her skeptical and fearful of being hurt and humiliated like she has been too many times before. She’ll doubt you. She’ll push you away. And she’ll question herself.

She’s smart. She’s learned not to get excited over little things, like a cute guy with a nice laugh calling her beautiful. She doesn’t trust easily anymore, and it’s actually something she prides herself on now. She won’t tell you everything about herself at first but she will urge you to tell her everything about you. She wants to know you. She needs to know you because she needs to know what she’s getting in to this time around, but that’s okay, because while with so many other people that you can’t seem to get to stop talking, she’ll let you talk, and she’ll genuinely listen to you, hanging on your every word.

The smallest gestures will surprise her. When you open the door for her, she’ll brag to her friends with the silliest smile on her face about what a gentlemen you are. When you put in the tiniest bit of thought into the gifts you get her, or the things you do for her, happy tears will slide down her face, and that will confuse the hell out of you. But that’s okay, because the look on your face will make her erupt in laughter, and she’ll realize nobody can make her laugh like you can. And when you consistently assure her that your feelings are real, and continuously treat her with respect, she’ll fall for you. But, unfortunately, for you, that will terrify her, and then she will doubt your relationship.

But, please don’t hold that against her. She isn’t doing it to play games or cause drama. I assure you this is no game to her. She’s hurting. She’s used to being let down, and disrespected. Her mind is warped and although your relationship, doesn’t compare to any of her past ones, she’ll find a way to relate the two.

Please keep fighting. Don’t let her get you down, and don’t let her push you away.

You deserve better, and so does she. And I promise you, together, you will have the best. Because once you’ve chipped away at the armor she built around her heart, she will be the biggest blessing you’ve ever been graced with.

Because a girl who has been hurt, loves harder than any girl you have ever known. It just takes her longer to get there, but when she does, it’s worth it.

She’ll love you fiercely. With her, you’ll have a lover, a soulmate, a best friend, and a teammate. She’s learned not to let people in too easily, but once you’re in, you’re in for life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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