This Is How You Let Go Of Toxic People


I’ve had my fair share of toxic relationships – both friendships and romantic relationships. Is it safe to say that you have too? Chances are we’ve all been in the company of people who were not rooting for our best selves.

As for me, the most debilitating and unhealthy relationships made me feel less than myself, completely drained of self-confidence or constantly searching, trying, and struggling to “fix” anything that was seemingly broken. In the end? I felt exhausted, weak, and totally drained.

Let me set this straight: these “toxic” people aren’t necessarily textbook assholes. They’re unmotivated, uninspiring, hold limiting + fear based beliefs, drain your energy or discourage you, and simply don’t push themselves to greatness. They get into your head and weigh heavily on your heart.

When someone is impeding on your own happiness, it’s time to let them go.

It took me a long time to come to that realization, but when you do, the word liberating just doesn’t cut it. So, how can you get there?


You want the real, uncensored truth? Because for me, letting go of people is hard. I fight for the people I care about, I want the best for them, and I want to be that person who stuck it out for the long hard battle. Because how can you just give up on the years you’ve known each other? The time invested into that very relationship? The idea of giving up just doesn’t enter my mind.

Then one day, you wake up. You see how unhappy you are. You now see the trance of negativity that’s been placed around you. You begin to wonder which way to turn…

You can write out your feelings, you can list out the pros and cons, justify whatever it is in your mind, give them one more chance, but all it takes it one thought to change everything. For me, it was this:

“Fuck this. I want a life filled with happiness, love, and compassion. And you know what? I deserve it. It’s mine for the taking, so why am I holding myself back?”

Get what’s yours.


The most incredible, beautiful quality about people is that we’re full of good intentions, and overflowing with love for the taking. Each and every day, I see this more and more, and it never ceases to amaze me. It’s the kind of stuff that fills my spirit with hope, continues to motivate me, and pushes me to expand… so I can give back ten-fold.

Know that I’m not saying abandon people when they’re in need just because they don’t fit your bill of a happy lifestyle. What I am saying is their happiness is not your responsibility, and when it all becomes “enough is enough”, it’s time to get beyond them, and let them walk their own path.

Everyone is on their own path in life, and simply put, the two of you are just on different vibrations. The drama they’re bringing to the table isn’t providing any real value in yours. And that’s where it’s at, the creme de la creme – meaningful value.


Get crystal clear on your desires and focus towards envisioning and creating positive, meaningful value in your life.

Surround yourself with people who light you up, and encourage you to chase after your dreams.

Believe that anything is possible – because it is.

Shift your perspective and create miracles.

Remind yourself of your purpose. Focus on making those chosen goals a reality.

Get outside, face the sun, and feel the warmth on your face. Invite more fun into your world.

Do more of what makes you happy.

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