41 Women Share The First Thing They Notice About Men (But Never Admit To)

1. His hair. Dated a guy for 3 years, he had a full head of hair and by the end he didn’t. Know it’s something they can’t totally control but just want to know what I’m getting into. Marie, 26

2. I’m a sucker for green eyes. If he’s got green eyes, I’m…how PC am I supposed to keep this? Nicole, 24

3. His smile. A guy’s smile is everything. I will never not fall for a great smile. Bianca, 22

4. I always look at how a guy is dressed before I even consider talking to him. If he doesn’t care about his appearance, he probably doesn’t care about maintaining most things in his life. Brooke, 23

5. I am very picky about teeth. If a guy doesn’t have good teeth he doesn’t have a chance with me. Teeth are very important. Morgan, 25

6. I guess this is a little bit tough to define, but how he carries himself. I feel like you could immediately tell whether or not you wanna talk to a guy based just on his body language. Not even towards me, just the world in general really. Kelly, 23

7. I went on a date with a guy once and he for some reason couldn’t look me in the eye. Maybe he thought I was a basilisk. Dana, 25

8. Umm, if he has a british accent? Is there anything else to consider? (Yes of course there is, but such a maaaajor plus). Catherine, 23

9. I will 100% judge a guy by the cleanliness of his car. If I get in and there’s trash piled up everywhere, there’s no amount of hotness that could counteract that nonsense. Erica, 27

10. I always seem to notice a guy’s smile before anything else. He could have a terrible body, but if his smile is perfect, I’m totally in. Rachel, 28

11. Confidence. I think attractiveness is so linked to confidence. It makes so much of a difference. Gina, 24

12. A guy’s laugh is everything. It’s true that if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. I will put out for a great laugh. Eve, 26

13. If I’m talking to a guy for the first time, I always watch to see where his eyes go when an attractive girl walks by. If he can’t keep his attention on me for two minutes,then imagine what it would be like if we actually dated? Suzanne, 29

14. First thing I notice is eyebrows. I can’t handle a pair of unkept, out of control eyebrows. Go get those things groomed, son. Denise, 25

15. His nails. My last boyfriend bit his nails until they bled, so gross. Carolyn, 23

16. His skin in general. Not too ashamed to say that I always think about what my future kids will look like and I have great skin so I want the guy I eventually marry to have great skin too. So yeah, good skin. Nadene, 28

17. When I first go to a new guys’ apartment I always make sure that he has books. Meghan, 24

18. I hope this isn’t mean, but I look at his hairline as soon as we meet. I just don’t find bald men attractive, so I don’t want to lead a guy on that I know is going to have no hair whatsoever in three years. Sorry, Lebron. Jackie, 28

19. Volume. I prefer a guy that can have a conversation using an indoor voice and doesn’t scream like he’s at a Metallica concert at all times. Kim, 30

20. A good jawline reminds me of a greek gods. And I love greek mythology and history so give me a guy with a good jawline any day. Samantha, 25

21. I’m an outdoors person, so if he’s pale I know he’s not going to want to do all the activities I enjoy. He doesn’t have to look like a leather belt, but I can’t date someone that has the Cullen skin tone. Ashley, 23

22. Shoes, always. You can tell exactly what a guy wants in life by his shoes. Kelly, 24

23. I’m on tinder a lot, the first thing I notice is that if he has pictures with his friends, what he’s doing with his friends. I don’t know why I’m so invested in that, I guess it’s just a glimpse into what he’s like. Tara, 24

24. How aggressive he is about the first kiss. If he all but sticks his tongue down my throat on the first try, I’m immediately hesitant to want to do anything else with him. Yonna, 24

25. This is going to sound silly, but when a guy turns his head I always look to see if his ears are clean. It is the grossest thing in the world to me to see a guy (or girl) with dirty ears. Buy some q-tips or something. Sara, 26

26. I am a sucker for tall guys. So he could look like the Grinch but as long as he’s tall, he has a pretty good chance with me. And I’m talking over 6’5 here. Vanessa, 21

27. The sweetness factor, and I think this applies for most women. If he’s a genuinely nice person, it will read across his demeanor. It’s really in the basic manners and what not. You can’t fake that. Jen, 26

28. I’m on the subway a lot. Based on what he’s reading/music he’s listening to, I fall in love. I fall in love about 5 times a day. Once in the morning, four times in the afternoon. Guys seem to be worn out on the way back. Such a turn on. Lauren, 24

29. Whether he’s sarcastic or not. Not in a mean way but in a funny way. I love sarcastic people and people who it well and without being assholes are rare! Sara, 23

30. Approximately how much time went into his hairstyle. If it LOOKS like it probably took him 30 minutes, it’s a no go. Hannah, 25

31. If he’s funny, there’s definitely a lot he can get away with. I hate to say it, but I’m definitely willing to put up with more bullshit if he’s funny. Elyse, 24

32. His overall “look.” People care far less about natural appearance than they do overall “look.” Like, you can be pretty average looking, but put yourself together well,and you’re a heartthrob. Also: you can tell the difference between boys and men mostly in how much care they put into actually purchasing a decent shirt that fits them correctly. Alicia, 28

33. Whether he’s foreign or not. I only date foreign guys. Of course it’s be nice for him to speak English but that’s not really a big deal. I can learn whatever language he wants me to if he’s foreign and hot enough. Ashlyn, 23

34. Whether or not he’s shirtless and playing beach volleyball. If he is, there is a much higher likelihood I’m all for it. Jenna, 22

35. How mindful he is about what he chooses to eat and drink. I can’t deal with a guy who is only picking at his entreé because he’s insecure about looking a certain way. Kaila, 24

36. Probably not right away, but am always interested in his car. What he’s listening to, what it looks like, all that. Especially in LA. Iris, 25

37. I devote a lot of my time to working out. There are guys at my gym who I’m pretty sure are only there to talk to girls our age. I love how they weed themselves out, the quiet guy who minds his business is always gonna win out for me. Hannah, 24

38. His feet for sure. Guys always allow their feet to get nasty so if he has nice feet, it’s a good sign that he’s a clear person. Also, the size of his feet of course. We all know why. Allison, 23

39. I’m a barista and I get hit on a lot. I notice how much they tip, because RENT. Crystal, 22

40. I love guys with scars so the first thing I notice is whether he has a scar or not. But of course, it’s more about the story than the scar. Guys with scars always have stories. Theresa, 27

41. If his name’s Channing Tatum, I will definitely notice that. Francesca, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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