40 Things Every College Girl Needs To Be Reminded Once In A While


1. The number of weekends you have in college to go out and let loose is not infinite, go out at least once a weekend.

2. So you’ve gained a few pounds? You’re becoming a woman you’re not supposed to look 18 forever.

3. College wouldn’t be college if you got 8 hours of sleep every night. Embrace being tired it means you’re doing something right.

4. Pizza is one of God’s great creations, you’re hurting God’s feelings when you act too good for it.

5. Don’t let one creepy guy form your opinion on an entire fraternity.

6. Do not minimize what a privilege college is. Many people who are capable to be where you are can’t get there for a variety of reasons. Respect your opportunities.

7. Don’t settle for attention from icky guys

8. Don’t settle period.

9. Don’t give up if you’ve seen every fraternity top to bottom and still haven’t found Mr. Right, some of the best boys on campus are not in a fraternity.

10. Most of the best boys on campus are not in a fraternity.

11. You can’t put the number of formals/exchanges/date parties you went to on your resume.

12. Formals/exchanges/date parties are a blast. Even if a complete stranger invites you, GO!

13. Every night someone is going to do something stupid, don’t let an embarrassing night haunt you forever.

14. Don’t use being drunk as an excuse to confess your love to someone.

15. Don’t use being drunk as an excuse for anything.

16. Remember the fine line that falls between trashy and attractive.

17. You don’t need another shot, no matter how hot the guy offering you one is.

18. Be nice to your body, you still have a lot of life left to live.

19. Take every spontaneous trip you are offered to take.

20. If he didn’t text you today, it does not mean he is over you forever.

21. If he hooked up with someone else, don’t convince yourself that its ok, its not.

22. Never let a guy talk you into thinking casual sex is normal, it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be.

23. Never cut off girl talk with your roommates or friends, you need that time more than you think.

24. Check in with your parents, even a text saying you’re thinking of them will make their day.

25. Take pictures whenever you think of it when out with girlfriends.

26. No one looks at your tagged photos on Facebook as much as you do, don’t stare at a photo until you find something you don’t like about yourself in it.

27. Some professors suck, don’t let them ruin your favorite subject.

28. Do not be the girl that tells everyone how drunk she is, no matter who you tell I promise they’re not going to think you’re cool for it.

29. Wash your bed sheets once a week.

30. Don’t wait until you’re down to one pair of underwear to do your laundry.

31. Don’t pick up the habit of smoking cigarettes.

32. As tempting as it is to be a slob everyday, present yourself well. You never know who you’re going to meet each day.

33. If you’ve fallen behind in a class, you’re not doomed. Focus, organize, and get back on track.

34. There is a mysterious satisfaction to coming home to a made bed at the end of a long day.

35. God’s timing is perfect; you can’t control every part of your life.

36. Deodorant is ALWAYS necessary, no exceptions.

37. Don’t sleep with makeup on.

38. It is okay to change your major until you find your calling.

39. You will survive without your high school boyfriend please see what else is out there.

40. Your kids are going to ask you about your college experience someday, make sure the stories you get to tell them make you proud of the person you were then and are today. TC Mark

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    This was great. This brings me back to college. Nostalgic read :)

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    Love this post!

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    I thank my roommate for sharing this with me, and I want to do all you college women (and others interested) a favor by sharing it with you as well. I don’t want to bore you with my analysis on all 40 items, but here are some of my favorites:
    #6: something I unfortunately take for granted every day
    #19: especially being in San Diego – 3000 miles from home with so much culture I don’t even know where to start
    #23: absolutely
    #25: favorite number and favorite thing to do
    #26: self-consciousness will be the death of me if I keep up at my pace
    #32: I vow to dress up more – I’ve noticed I’m more productive, and happier when I look better
    #33: thank you.
    #39: scary idea for me.. I can’t part with this one just yet
    #40: what I have to start telling myself EVERYDAY. If you don’t have time to read all 40 (though I don’t see why you wouldn’t), read #40
    Love this so much; thanks Ali Mooty of Thought Catalog

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    Remind yourself of the important things. Do things that you’ll remember. Have fun. Be crazy. Be yourself.

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    Love this!

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    I do not exactly live by these “Rules”… I am madly in love with my high school boyfriend, I rarely go out because I’m not old enough to drink legally, and I rarely wear deodorant… But I love the message this sends. Be you! Have a good time, and live up these college years. We only get one undergrad experience… Enjoy yours!

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    This is fantastic….and can really apply to just about any college student.

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    I definitely needed to be reminded of this. College is hard and people in your corner don’t always help sometimes. But you know, you just gotta encourage yourself.

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