5 Things You Should Know About Living With Your Partner

5 Things You Should Know About Living With Your Partner

Moving in together is a big step in a relationship. It’s so exciting to pick out decor for your space and finally stop packing a bag every other night to sleep at their place, but there’s a lot more to it than it may seem. Here are some things you should expect when you are moving in with your partner:

1. What’s Yours Is Theirs

With a roommate, there is still a general line between what is yours and what is theirs: food, space, clothes, etc. But with a partner, you both own everything. Yeah, you still may buy some things for yourself, but you share the entire space and all of its contents rather than splitting it in half. There is (probably) only one bedroom in the house, so there’s probably not a place that is all your own anymore.

2. You Might Bicker More Than Usual

For the main reason, see above. You might get in small spats about who ate the last cookie or why the laundry is still in the dryer. Additionally, there’s no veil shrouding your actual annoyance with the fact that your partner left dishes in the sink…again. With a roommate, you may just bite your tongue and complain to your friend about it later. But when you are living with a partner, you are probably going to be more inclined to let them know what they are doing is bothering you. Which, in the long run, is much healthier than bottling it up.

3. You Will Learn Everything About Them. Everything

There is no more privacy or personal space. You will need to quickly get over your embarrassment about bodily functions or the way you fall asleep or the voice you use when you talk to your pets. You’ll learn each others’ every last quirk from your weirdly strict routine in the morning to your sleep talking at night. This will actually work in your favor. You can both get into a routine that works around each other, making life seamless, and you can divvy up household tasks based on your preferences so that cleaning the house isn’t so dreadful.

4. Get Ready For Some Uncomfy Conversations

You are merging lives, which means you are merging everything that comes with it. Conversations that are usually labeled as taboo, especially conversations about money, are crucial for the success of your cohabitation. Be honest about what you can afford, what you are comfortable/uncomfortable with, and anything else that is bothering you. If you are afraid that your partner will react negatively, they are probably not someone you should live with.

5. You Will Create your Own Little World

It’s more than just having your own place together, it’s building a sanctuary. There is something so special about starting and ending your day with your favorite person that makes the in-between parts of your day that much easier. You’ll have endless inside jokes, made-up words that only you two understand, and nights staying up and talking about the universe. Every night is date night and every morning is the start of a new day together. It’s a safe space for just the two of you. It’s totally worth giving up some closet space.

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