13 Creepy Buzzfeed Unsolved Videos You Can Watch Right Now

People are always talking about what shows they’re binging on Netflix or Hulu, but they never talk about the countless series that are on Youtube for free! One series in particular has both humor and horror is one of my favorite things to watch: Unsolved, AKA/formerly known as Buzzfeed Unsolved. Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, Unsolved features true crime as well as supernatural episodes. In the true-crime episodes, Ryan and Shane share succinct and silly retellings of famous and not so famous unsolved mysteries along with theories of who could have done them. In the supernatural episodes, Ryan, who fully believes in ghosts, and Shane, who totally doesn’t, go ghost hunting together, and watching it makes you end up rooting for the ghosts. Looking back on some of the greats, here are 13 episodes you HAVE to watch:

The Mysterious Disappearance of The Sodder Children

A family of 11 was asleep in their house when it suddenly caught on fire. The mother and father escaped with their two children, but the 5 other children are never found. Not even their bodies. According to Ryan and Shane, there are some likely suspects in the case despite the mysteries that lie within.

The Haunting of the Salem Witch Trials

Ryan and Shane don’t just go ghost hunting or witch-hunting, they go ghost witch-hunting.

The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Lady

In 1970, the body of a woman that had been fed 50-70 pills, had carbon monoxide poisoning, and was lit on fire was discovered in the woods by a family who veered off a hiking trail. No one knows who this woman is or why she was dead. Three days later, two suitcases that had the woman’s fingerprints on them were discovered at the nearby train station with some suspicious items. Her death was ruled a suicide, but Ryan and Shane aren’t so sure.

The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

Ryan and Shane go take a peak in the Ohio State Penitentiary to admit the architecture and hopefully run into some lost spirits of those who were held there.

The Covert Poisoning of an Ex-Russian Spy

After an ex-spy for the Russian government is poisoned to death, it is hard to tell if it was a friend or foe who had done it. But Ryan and Shane try to tackle this case anyway despite the imminent threat of the Russian government.

The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper

This case is known as one of the greatest mysteries in FBI history which makes it one of the best episodes of Buzzfeed Unsolved’s history.

Roswell’s Bizarre UFO Crash

In this supernatural episode, Ryan and Shane aren’t looking for ghosts; instead, they pour through proof of aliens, which is much more realistic TBH.

The Ghastly Cleveland Torso Murders

This heinous killer would turn his victims into torsos, and most of the heads were never found. Even in a retelling of some of the most gruesome murders, Ryan and Shane manage to keep it light.

The Subterranean Terrors of the London Tombs

Ryan and Shane visit London and travel through a haunted maze attraction which was actually built on top of catacombs.

The Creepy Murder in Room 1046

I still have nightmares about this, and it seems that Ryan feels the same way. The nuances of this case are just…eerie.

The Mysterious Death of the Boy in the Box

Murders are bone-chilling, but the murders of children are especially terrifying. This story is no exception, and Ryan and Shane try to figure out how and why this awful situation could have happened.

The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”

This episode is from before Shane was on the show, but this short video about potential real-life MIB trying to cover up government secrets will make you sit and think for a long looooong time.

The Spontaneous Human Combustion of Mary Reeser

According to MythBusters, human combustion is not possible. So what exactly happened to Mary Reeser? Ryan and Shane have no idea, but they try their best.

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