Everything We Know About 'AHS 1984' So Far

Everything We Know About ‘AHS 1984’ So Far

It should go without saying, but this contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The sun has risen over Camp Redwood which signals the end of Act I of season 9 of AHS. We have been introduced to new actors, interesting characters, and several backstories. It’s hard to keep it all straight. But before we finish out season 9 of AHS and find out where the heck they’re going with this whole thing, let’s recap all of the plot twists of this season so far.

Ray Killed One Of His Frat Brothers

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As Chet is stuck on a spike seemingly unconscious, Ray reveals that he unintentionally killed one of his fraternity brothers. Chet was actually listening to the whole story, and in order for the secret to stay a secret, Ray left Chet for dead. As Ray tried to ride off, he had his head smashed off with a bat. Karma, I guess?

Xavier Did Gay Porn

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Xaiver received an ominous message on the way to Camp Redwood threatening that he “couldn’t take that d*ck away” from the caller. We find out later that the caller was the producer for the gay porn that Xavier had done and was looking for more. He threatened to release the tape if he did not star in more adult films. Xavier took the producer to peep on Trevor in the shower in hopes of making a trade, but the guy got stabbed in the back of the head, so that situation seems to have solved itself.

Nurse Rita Is Not Who She Said She Is

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As we have learned, “Nurse Rita” is actually Donna Chambers, a psychologist who studies serial killers and helped Mr. Jingles escape to see him “in his natural habitat.” She followed and drugged the camp’s actual nurse and took over her identity to have a front row seat to all of the action. We find out in episode 5 that her motive to prove that serial killers are made and not born is driven by finding out her father was a serial killer.

Montana Sent The Night Stalker To Kill Brooke

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This one is very convoluted, but it starts out with every classic love story: boy meets girl, boy disembowels man for girl, girl falls in love with boy. Montana asks the Night Stalker to kill Brooke. We find out that at Brooke’s wedding, when her fiance shot guests and then himself because he thought Brooke cheated on him, he shot his best man, who was Montana’s beloved brother. Montana wants a slow painful revenge against Brooke, and the Night Stalker, an aspiring infamous serial killer, has vowed to complete this mission.

Mr. Jingles Did Not Kill Those Kids That Fateful Night

FX/AHS 1984

The Camp Redwood massacre is a night that lives in infamy, but it didn’t go exactly how we thought it did. After being fed up by being bullied, Margaret was the one who slaughtered for co-counselors and framed Mr. Jingles. When he was taken away by the police and thrown in an asylum, he was put through electro-therapy and torture until he believed that he was actually the killer. When Margaret reveals the truth, Mr. Jingles tries to kill Margaret. She shoots him, but he manages to get away while she is busy killing Trevor. He stumbles upon Xaiver, who he had trapped in an oven just an hour earlier, and said “it was never me” before he disappeared.

People Who Died At The Camp Stay At The Camp

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The Hiker, Ray, Montana, The Night Stalker, and Mr. Jingles have all died at the camp and come back to life, but they can’t leave. However, The Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles are seen driving away from the camp. Is it because they have accepted their evil and can move on?

We’ll find out in Act II.

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