19 Unconventional Ways You Know You’ve Reached Adulthood (Even If You Still Feel Like A Child)

Twenty20 / nenorenberg
Twenty20 / nenorenberg

I’ll be honest: most times, even at the ripe ol’ age of 33, I don’t feel like an adult.  It’s probably the not-married/not-a-parent thing, but also the fact that I tend to have some –let’s call them “immature” – interests and also still goof off like a teenager.

But there are definitely times in my life (and they’re becoming more and more frequent) where I do or say something and it’s like, oh…shit.  I AM an adult.  That happened.

Basically, you know you’re an adult when…

1. You can’t remember a damn thing.  Why did I come in this room?  What was I looking for?  Where am I?  Who am I?!

2. You buy less beauty products focused on young-people-problems like acne/breakouts and focus more on anti-aging things BECAUSE WRINKLES.

3. Sure, buying clothes, shoes and bags is fun – but have you ever been to HomeGoods?!

4. Hangovers last approximately 72 hours.

5. You start taking probiotics ‘cause you heard they’re “good for digestion.”

6. Going out and socializing sometimes feels like a chore, also – why’s this bar so friggin loud?!

7. Oh, the party starts at 11pm? That’s cute; have fun.

8. You say things like, “When I was younger we didn’t even HAVE GPS systems” (seriously, I just said this to someone recently)

9. Bills.  SO.  MANY.  BILLS.  Ones that come in the paper variety via regular mail or electronic ones that arrive via email… they’re everywhere.

10. Your idea of good comedy on television is ‘The Daily Show.’

11. You watch things like the MTV Music Awards and wonder who TF these kids are and also WAIT HOW IS THIS EVEN CONSIDERED MUSIC?!?

12. You wave bye-bye to your once-fast metabolism and now suffer the consequences of eating unhealthy (seriously, one bad night of eating and your jeans won’t fit the next day).


14. You say asinine things like, “It’s too late for me to have coffee; I’ll never sleep tonight.”

15. After a long week at work, you rush home on Friday nights JUST to plop on the couch in sweats and order takeout. #Bliss

16. Unlike your childhood, sleep has now become your best friend.  Your best friend who you don’t see enough, who you think about often and who you want to spend time with more than anyone else.

17. Dressing for comfort > dressing for style.

18. You’re always cold.  “Can someone lower the AC in here?”  “Can you toss me that blanket?!” Being an adult means being freezing, always.

19. EVERYTHING HURTS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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