When You Realize That It Might Be Love

Ovi Gherman
Ovi Gherman

What has that person managed to do to you? How is it that they’re the only ones that go through your mind every second of every day? Are they mind controlling wizards? Have they implanted something into your brain that makes you think of them and only them?

It started as a simple look. That look led to a graze of the hand. The graze of the hand moved to a touch of the lips. From the lips everything began to unfold. Every rush you felt started the second they let their mouth press against yours. And right now you don’t think there’s going to be anything this great. But then they kiss you again. And again. And you start to believe that heaven is a real thing.

When you saw them you felt the powerful draw towards them. You two were gravitating towards each other the entire night and then there it was. It was an intense energy that before you even touched, was radiating off of both of you. The closer they got, the more you inhaled their scent. The more you touched, the deeper you fell. And fast. It was the moment that people always talk about.

Cause you can feel it. When they hold you. This is it. This dominating feeling that makes you feel like you’re crazy but you’ve never actually been saner. And you know they’re feeling it too because they’re giving you the same confusing look. The look that’s basically questioning who the hell is this person? They were a stranger but now they’re everything.

And the connection. Man that connection is the best mind fuck you’ve ever experienced. Because they get you. It’s almost like they’ve known you for your entire life. But you’re not really sure if this is real. How can it be real when you thought you’ve felt it before but it left?

Love. That’s what this is. It’s love. And whether it’s been a few seconds or a few years, you’ve known what it was the second your eyes connected. Because the soul recognizes its counterpart before the physical body does. And damn do your souls know each other. It’s the only explanation as to why this feels so good. So damn right.

You’ll know it’s real if everyone in your life starts to question your sanity. Because it’s not going to make sense to anyone else. It’s not going to make sense to your friends or family even if they’ve been there. Because love is such an individual and original entity. It’s a path that only you and your partner can understand.

You’re not going to be totally sure that this is it though. You’ll know you love them. You’ll know that you can’t see a future without them. It won’t be a question of its validity but more so a wonder of how you got this lucky. How out of all of the people in the world, you managed to find the other person who just simply fits with you.

It’s not an easy task. Meeting your love. Falling in love. Staying in love. It just happens to have to be the perfect time in your life and theirs where you both are ready. Are ready to take the chance on love. And you have to meet at the right time. In the right place. And be just ready.

Because you’ve tried to love people who haven’t been ready before. Hell you’ve tried to let people love you before without being ready. And that’s ended in nothing but heartache. It’s made you question if love really is something you’ll ever find.

But you did find it. And while it could be said that you’re lucky, which you are, you’ve worked for it as well. You deserve love. Your partner deserves your love. You both deserve to be right here, right now, with each other.

And yeah you’re lucky. But it’s so much more than that. You’re in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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