I Hate To Admit It, But I Can’t Stop Thinking About What You To Do My Body


I’m so completely attached to you. You take me to the moon and back with just one touch. I just want to hear you say my name in a way that no one else can. Late at night. Breathy. Desperate. This connection has caused an effect on me I didn’t know existed. It’s a deep burn in the pit of my stomach causing me to crave you. Only you.

If we were in our right minds we’d know how terrible we are for each other. But I give in every single time because your intensity radiates off of you like a drug that I need. I want. I desire. The effect you have on me is palpable. You take me to a place of nirvana I’ve never been to before and that’s why I know it’s too late to walk away. You feel too good for me to not give in to you.

It’s lips on lips. It’s fingernails running down backs. It’s two fucked up, likeminded individuals wanting temporary relief from their brains.

Because you and I are two people who get trapped inside their own heads. But when we’re together we get trapped inside each other.

In a room full of people, I’ll still be drawn to you first because no one sets my body on fire like you.

I don’t want your last name but I want to hear you scream my first one. We both feel the same. We don’t need to be each other’s forever as long as we’re each other’s right now. No one would be able deny the chemistry that reacts as soon as our bodies touch. I know I sure can’t. And it’s not something I’ve felt before. We’re both playing a part together right now. A part where love doesn’t matter and all that matters is this.

It’s a hunger. It’s a thirst. It’s instinctive. It’s animalistic. It’s one of those things you can’t simply sum up in a sentence. They say you need love with sex for it to be amazing. But when I’m with you I know this isn’t true. Because most of the time I down right hate you. Hate you for making me want you so badly I can’t think about anything else.

It’s that sex. The one you’re thinking about right now. The one that pops into your mind when it’s late at night and you’re by yourself. It’s the one that you use as a benchmark when your friends ask you who the best was. It’s the one that still turns you on every time you think about it.

That’s the one. That’s this one. The one that envelops your brain when you’re trying to think about anything else. The one that makes you want to quit your job and do nothing else with your days.

It’s rough hands. Wandering fingers. Endless nights. And when it ends and your body finally returns to earth, you wonder what the fuck just happened.

How someone could make you feel so alive and simultaneously make you question everything you knew before.

I don’t know if I’ve heard anything hotter than when ‘oh baby’ slips out of your mouth while your fingers are completely intertwined in my hair. It’s not just the act itself but the ability to be free with you. Free to be myself in such a raw state is incredibly liberating. Honey, you liberate me.

So don’t go. Don’t slip out of my bedroom and kiss me on the forehead like every time before. Just stay. Stay and let’s do this over and over again until we forget that anything outside of this exists. Let’s get lost in each other. Because you take me to the highest highs and that’s all I want. It’s too late to run away from this. Let’s just embrace it. Let’s be each other’s right now. We’ve got nothing to lose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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