47 Things Only Introverts Understand


1. Not understanding the concept of boredom because you are so content with your own company.

2. “Get in and get out” is your mantra.

3. Immature hatred towards people who interrupt you when you’re speaking.

4. Feeling like your ears are being raped by loud talkers – which is most people speaking most of the time.

5. Weekends filled with social obligations feeling like work.

6. The awkwardness of having to make conversation with an old acquaintance who’s name escapes you.

7. Being exhausted by days with zero alone time.

8. Aggravation when big plans change.

9. Feelings of irrational contempt for your phone when it rings during your downtime.

10. Sussing people out before opening up.

11. Feeling guilty for requesting a premature home time from your partner at a social event.

12. Sending out telepathic death-rays to pushy sales assistants who try to involve themselves in your shopping experience.

13. Wanting to spontaneously combust when an unexpected guest pops over after work and you were planning on doing your nails.

14. Prioritising tasks over making pleasantries.

15. Thinking that people who talk over the top of one another are vulgar.

16. Quality takes preference over quantity when speaking.

17. Blushing profusely ten times a day.

18. The overwhelming appeal of staying in instead of going out on a Saturday night.

19. Mixed feelings of mortification and elation at receiving praise.

20. Social occasions lacking structure or purpose agitate you.

21. Small talk being the bane of your existence.

22. Experiencing extreme anxiety when audience participation is requested at a live show.

23. Not realising that your facial expressions reveal your inner thoughts (disapproval).

24. Deleting 95% of Facebook event invites before reading them.

25. Lack of enthusiasm for social events that don’t serve alcohol.

26. Secretly liking that people sometimes find you aloof so therefore leave you alone.

27. When interrupted by someone saying “whatcha reading?” you hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

28. When given the choice, texting wins over making a phone call.

29. You feel like you’ve had the life sucked out of you after a holiday away with a bunch of people.

30. You need to get in the zone and wind down when heading to bed because other peoples energy kills your vibe.

31. Working alone enables you to be creative and productive.


32. Living by the ocean or in the mountains is much more appealing than living in the city or suburbia.

33. The joy of helping somebody by being a good listener.

34. Being called “weird” is a compliment because you interpret the word as meaning “unique”.

35. Disbelief as to how some people don’t realise how loud they’re eating and/or breathing.

36. Your comfy “home” clothes have a far higher rotation than your nice going-out clothes.

37. Preferring to pay a $50 cab fare than staying overnight at a friend’s house.

38. Turning down party invitations because you already had plans to watch TV and eat a giant cookie.

39. Occasionally feeling like you’ve used up your daily word quota before the days out.

40. Often enjoying after parties more than the main event because they’re more intimate.

41. Disapproving of oversharers, so you pretend to listen while thinking about things of greater consequence.

42. Preferring to exercise alone because your threshold for chit-chat reduces significantly when sweating.

43. Becoming paranoid that your house guests will never leave (even though they’ve only been there for half an hour).

44. Internalising serious problems to first work them out in your head before sharing them with those close to you.

45. Laughing out loud is a sometimes thing.

46. Sometimes thinking that the answer couldn’t possibly be that simple, so hold your tongue, and later regret it.

47. Frustration towards people who feel the need to share the inconsequential and mundane details about their lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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