12 Ways You Know You’re With “The One”


1. You suddenly understand the meaning behind all of those sappy clichés. Phrases such as “they complete me” and “my better half” actually apply to you in a personal way now that you are with The One. If you had been in love with someone else before, you now realize that it was a muted black and white version of love. Now you see your love in 3D Technicolor with a full orchestra playing in the background. All of the cheesy love songs that used to make you sick begin to sound like they were written about you and your love.

2. They are literally the best person you know. Other people you may have dated in the past were good or great, but in your eyes the person you are with now is the best person on the face of the Earth! You not only have the utmost respect for them, but you admire the person that they are in every area of their lives.

3. If you had children together, the thought of them being like your significant other fills you with pride and joy. When you are with The One, they possess a multitude of attributes that you would want passed on to your children. Knowing that your future kids will have your significant other as a parent is the ultimate comfort because you have no doubts as to how amazing they will be at it.

4. You understand yourself better after falling in love with them. Before you found The One, you were always searching for the answer to “who the heck am I?” After being with them you certainly may not have all of the answers but you feel confident and happy in the direction the two of you are going together. With your soul mate by your side, the long quest to self-realization doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

5. They motivate you to constantly work on self-improvement. Your partner serves as a mirror to your soul: they reflect back the worst and the best in you more clearly than you ever would have seen by yourself. They gently motivate and encourage you, and you find joy in rising to the challenge of becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

6. You are each other’s biggest fans and cheerleaders. When good news happens, they are the first person you can’t wait to tell and celebrate with. When bad news happens, they keep you from getting stuck in a negative thought loop and push you to rise above those less-than-perfect situations.

7. Even in the middle of your worst and most intense fight, the thought of losing them is absolutely terrifying. In those moments where they inevitably make you wanna rip your hair out, you still know that it is so much better than not having them at all. When the storm clouds pass, you realize that you can work through those challenges together and become even stronger as a result.

8. Life with them is one giant adventure. Together the two of you have the amazing gift of making something as simple as a grocery run into a fun day full of laughter and jokes. Other people might be staring at you (you weirdos), but you don’t care because you are having the time of your life just being with your love.

9. There’s no one you would rather go through hardships with than them. Flooded basements, financial hardships, and illnesses are bound to happen every once in a while throughout your life together. As you embark on this road, you know that The One is the perfect person to tackle these setbacks with. Together the two of you are much more than the sum of your parts.

10. Being with them is more than worth missing out on random hook ups or dating other people. Now when you go out to bars, you don’t miss the game anymore in the slightest. You’ve won the game!

11. You care about your significant other more than you care about yourself. In past relationships you both probably were more concerned with making sure your own needs were met first. Now when you see your love pain you would go through anything to take it for them.

12. They fit you so well that you realize no one else could ever fill their shoes. Sure, you might have been able to be reasonably happy for the rest of your life with someone else, but you only have one soul mate. Once you have found The One, you become thankful for all of the heart ache you suffered over past lost loves because it led you to your one and only True Love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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