When He ‘Likes’ Your Posts But Doesn’t Call

 Rikki Chan
Rikki Chan

Social media has added an extra element of confusion for our entire society when it comes to dating. Before, a man would show his interest by picking up the telephone and calling you, then came the text messages which were usually sent before a phone call and now there are hundreds of impersonal ways for men to make our phones beep by ways of social media without actually having to call.

What does it all mean? So many times you meet a guy, or hey maybe you’ve never met and somehow you two connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine etc. All of a sudden the guy starts liking your photos and videos, gives you a “heart” or “thumbs-up” maybe he is old school and “pokes” you. This continues, sometimes daily… for weeks. It’s extremely frustrating because you would think if he wanted to know what you were up to or wanted to hang out, he’d message you, BUT alas he doesn’t. I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand the entire reasoning behind this and while no man will EVER admit to this, I truly believe they are just plain scared.

Being rejected can be a scary thing and what is easier than just liking dozens of girls on Instagram to see who bites?

It’s a win win scenario for these men who hide behind their computer screens to e-flirt. They get to throw out a wide net and see who is left in the net after they have mass ‘liked’ everyone –who they find attractive — photos.

Honestly, what could be easier? Here is the issue, what if we actually like the guy or are interested in getting to know him and all we get are a bunch of “likes”? What is a girl to do? Well, we have experimented a little on some unknowing men who continue to e-flirt and tried several different tactics. We have ignored, we have liked back and we have tried sending a message. Here are the results.

Ignoring the likes. This usually results in the man “taking a hint” and leaving you alone. Of course, not all men are that intelligent, but most tend to assume that if you aren’t liking back, you aren’t going to pick up their phone call. (If it ever gets to that point.)

Liking back. This is usually the most successful tactic, however liking too much could result in the man also losing interest. A little “like” here and there never hurt anybody. The man then knows you are showing some interest and the e-flirting continues until someone gets bored and quits or he mans up and sends you a direct message.

Sending a direct message. This tactic is usually a little aggressive for my taste, but I do understand that some men are just extremely shy. It is hit or miss though. Some guys are into it and happy you messaged them first. This gives them the confidence to then ask you for your number or to go out. Other times they tend to ignore the messages completely.

Now, if you went on a date and he no longer calls or texts, but he does like everything on your social media account, ignore him. If he thinks that simply liking your photos is enough to hold onto you and keep you interested, he has another thing coming. He should either step up his game or you should move on to somebody deserving of your time.

Remember, you are a wonderful woman who deserves to be loved, not just ‘liked.’ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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