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If I Had One Chance To Love You I Would Make It Worth It

If I had one chance to love you, I wouldn’t think of pushing love away. I wouldn’t tell it to come back later, to take a raincheck, to meet me at the same time next year when things are different, when circumstances are better.

The 2013 Journals – Lessons From A Year Well Lived

Two years ago this New Year’s Eve, I committed to writing regularly in a journal. I had done the journal thing before, but I had never managed to be consistent enough, never descriptive enough, never good enough – there was always something that left me unsettled about how I had been documenting my life.

What’s Inside Your Mind?

I once asked my friend what she thought the inside of her mind looked like. She thought it looked like a room full of filing cabinets. Rows upon rows of metal drawers, filled with folders, stuffed with papers.