Why I Said Goodbye

Dineslav Roydev

With the smell of your perfume
The look in your eyes
And your smile
All fresh in my mind
I said goodbye

I can’t pretend I’m fine
With this dance of partiality
Only having pieces of you
Parts that you can control
When I want so much more

I know you’re scared
Scared of getting hurt
Of letting me in
Of giving me your heart

I was scared too
That you’d ruin me
That you’d be the best thing
And worst thing
That’s ever happened to me

But that didn’t stop me
From opening up
Or telling you my fears
Sharing with you my dreams
Showing you my strength
And trusting you with my weakness

I said goodbye
For the sake of my mind
And the sake of my heart
I had to make that decision
For myself.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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