24 Simple Things You Deserve To Learn By 24

1. If you’re failing, but always learning, you’re still winning.

2. Grateful people truly have it all.

3. If it doesn’t nourish your soul, you shouldn’t waste your time on it.

4. Anything in excess is poison.

5. Labeling your experiences as good or bad or right or wrong only creates disappointment and expectations. Just live your life and trust that everything is happening in your favor.

6. Everything that goes away could mean that the message has been relayed.

7. Every trigger is a chance for us to assess ourselves.

8. Never settle. Sometimes growth is firmly saying no to shit an old version of you would have tolerated.

9. Maybe every experience we encounter is trying to tell us something. The things we attract, the people we encounter, the obstacles we go through. Sometimes we just have to find out and discern what they are trying to tell us. The more we refuse to learn the lesson, the more it happens frequently, in different ways, only to send the same message.

10. I don’t need to invite the past back in every time I miss it. Regardless how joyful I think it was, I know I just don’t belong there anymore. The past is in the past. All I can do is look back in peace and be grateful I was even given the chance to experience such bliss.

11. What I’ve learnt is that no matter how intense, or how powerful I think my emotions are at any moment, I can choose not to act on them. Just like all things, they will pass.

12. That’s life. We live, and then we die. Only to be born again. And we are never the same.

13. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be judged by how much you have but how much impact you’ve made.

14. Healing is a lifelong process, a constant journey that doesn’t have an actual end. It is the state of your love life with yourself. It is possible and essential to heal all the time because every day we experience and acquire new things.

15. It’s important to put more weight on what you think about yourself rather than focus on what others think of you.

16. No one has to know your experience for it to be validated.

17. You cannot change people. Not even the people you love.

18. Just because you really want something doesn’t mean you’re ready for it. You have to be ready for what you want to manifest in your life. Continue to practice becoming the best version of yourself every day so that when ‘it’ finally comes, you welcome it prepared and with open arms.

19. It takes a lot of energy to deal with something that isn’t meant for you. Clarity will hit you all at once.

20. I learned that you’ll do it when you’re ready. You are going to move out when you’re ready. You are going to stop chasing when you’re ready. You’re going to dwell on it ‘til you’re ready to move forward again. You do it at your own pace, not when somebody thinks you should and told you to. Rebirth is waiting. A new chapter is always waiting for you, but it’s always more fulfilling to close an old one completely before starting anew. Time will come, you’ll be ready.

21. Great changes don’t really feel great in the beginning.

22. There’s no substitute to real life experiences. Get out there. Stay curious. Experience all of it. Live some more.

23. There’s no guarantee that you won’t ever “fail” (if you call that failing still after) but would you rather be at 40 and wonder what if you had tried? Instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong, focus on what could go right.

24. Don’t sleep on yourself. Don’t sleep on your dreams. That thing that you really want for yourself, it is possible. It can get scary and horrifying and overwhelming but it is damn possible and you are going to make it. Dream big.