Read This When You Need To Remember You Deserve To Move On

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Something tragic happened and it broke your free spirit. It broke your heart. You are no longer the happy and radiant person you used to be. Nothing feels right. You may feel like you are carrying the weight of the entire world on your shoulders and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Everything you believed in about life becomes a misconception. You no longer believe that everything will be alright in the end, because that’s what they always say.

You are far too heartbroken to continue. Let me be the one to say this to you – you may not realize it now, but you deserve to be whole again.

You owe it to yourself to be happy again.

Sleepless nights will pass. Constant crying will occur. Vivid flashes from the past will be visible and remembered. Through it all, I want you to remind yourself that are strong enough to endure all those. I want you to know that you are capable. I want you to be reminded that you will not be put in this situation if you couldn’t handle it.

You may think it’s too late to start over; it’s not.

You may think that you are too broken to be fixed; you’re not. You may look down on yourself so much that you can’t keep your chin up anymore; don’t. You may feel like there’s no more hope when all that’s left is misery and pain; that’s not true. It may feel like others have gotten the best of you and that there’s no more left of you; you are wrong. If you are here, reading this, there’s still hope.

Think of all the people around you – your friends, family and beloved. They deserve front row seats to the best version of you. They deserve to witness you grow and bloom into the beautiful flower that you are. Why? Because they care about you and you can’t take that away from them. It is now your choice whether you will disappoint or make it happen.

Life has always been and is always going to be hard.

That’s the thing – life is already hard.

You ought not to make it harder by being too harsh on yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for overlooking the intention of those who hurt you. Let it be a reminder that you were only the kind of person who wanted to see good in everyone.

I want you to be reminded that your heart is far too beautiful to be filled with hatred. Do you remember who you used to be before all the heartbreak? Your heart might be hurting; feel it. Embrace it. Accept it. Do not question anymore why you have to feel it – why you have to go through it. Take into account that there will always be something fruitful, if not beautiful, about pain. It is easy to feel anguish and have a bitter and raging heart; but it’s only the brave who unravels the beauty of grief and sorrow. You do not have to understand it; but you have to simply let it be.

Not everyone gets a free pass to heartbreak. But I think those people who refrain from it are also missing out on something. It is both a blessing and a burden to feel things deeply.

Only when you learn how to hold these feelings dear to your heart will you ever be able to find its sole purpose.

Nobody really wants to hear this, but if moving on completely means leaving everything behind, then you should do it. Give it your best try to start a new life – a life that you deserve – a life that you neglected yourself of when you let someone dictate your worth. I understand that you’re mad, you’re hurting, and you may be in despair. But what you need to know is that you deserve to go on like everything in life does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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