39 Things Second Year Law Students Say

Yeah, law school is awful. 1L is awful. 2L is really awful. 3L is boring. Cool.
Here are some of the feels (inspired by my fellow 2Ls, and a select few funny 3Ls). The feels can go on forever, though; this list is non-exhaustive.

1. “Well there’s no way this can be worse than 1L…”

2. “Wait, why am I interviewing for jobs for next summer when classes haven’t even started yet?”

3. “Why did I think being on a journal was a good idea?”

4. “Seriously, I have to write a casenote during the semester on top of everything else?”

5. “Homework? Is that Latin for binge-watch shows on Netflix?”

6. “Whoa, I forgot that person existed. Was that person even in our section?”

7. “If this professor thinks I care about missing class when I have a job interview, she clearly does not understand what it’s like to be a law student in this job market…”

8. “I physically cannot be at this school unless I have to be anymore. Once class is over I’m out.”

9. “I would probably give anything to only have to worry about doing class reading again. What a joke.”

10. “I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I went into the library.”

11. “I just need a break from law people.”

12. “Non-law people just don’t get it.”

13. “When was the last time that I actually chose going out over my couch and Netflix?”

14. “I’m on call today. Definitely didn’t do the reading. It’ll be fine.”

15. “No one even goes out anymore.”

16. “Law school is the Hunger Games.”

17. “People do realize you can just say ‘I don’t know’ when you get called on, right? How do people still care?”

18. “These lawyers have no idea what it’s like to have to compete for jobs in this job market.”

19. “If I have to hear another Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers talk…”

20. “I just have way too many things going on.”

21. “The only thing I care about is getting a job.”

22. “Whatever, I already have a job.”

23. “All I want is to survive this year. And to not have to do next year. Or take the bar.”

24. “Yeah I haven’t read for this class all semester.”

25. “Seriously, I feel like I don’t see anyone anymore.”

26. “We have to apply for clerkships now? For after graduation? Seriously?”

27. “Do you remember case briefing?”

28. “There are literally not enough hours in the day.”

29. “Yeah finals, a.k.a. time to learn all my classes in one week.”

30. “I feel like I’m 90 years old.”

31. “Things I care more about than doing the reading for class… literally everything else in the entire world.”

32. “Law school should definitely be two years.”

33. “1Ls really cannot fathom how much worse it gets.”

34. “I sincerely hope I never have to work with that person in the real world.”

35. “I really have to do another year of this?”

36. “It’s like law school just attracts crazy people.”

37. “It always gets done in the end.”

38. “What if when people ask me how I am, I actually told them the truth for once? E.g., “miserable,” instead of just telling them what they want to hear?”

39. “Yes, there is work I could be doing right now. Oh well.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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