How To Be Okay When They Do Not Love You Back

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

He may be the boy who broke your heart but that doesn’t make you the girl with a broken heart. Your heart break doesn’t define you.

You were strong before you met him and you are only stronger now that you left him.

Relationships are hard, and what makes them even harder is when the man you thought was your soul mate becomes a man you can’t even recognize. When the man who once told you he would never stop making you fall in love with him does everything to make you fall out of love with yourself. The man who once only had eyes for you now has eyes for every girl but you. Nobody wants to be the one in a relationship who loves more, but in reality, there is always someone who loves more. And in the end, the boy would didn’t realize what he had when he had it will be the one left broken, not you. But until then, you will still try to justify his disrespectful actions toward you because you have a good heart. A heart that deserves to receive the love you give.

So maybe you were the girl who was known as the “cool girl” who can hang with the boys. Maybe you were the girl that could light up any room you walked into. The girl that’s kindness inspired others without your knowledge. But somehow, no matter how many others noticed your true inner beauty, it was never good enough for him. And let me tell you something that took me a long time to realize, you will never be good enough for someone who isn’t good enough for themselves. Negativity is a powerful thing and no man is worth taking away your happiness because they aren’t happy with themselves. No love is strong enough to make a man treat you right if they can’t even treat themselves right.

You can’t make someone love you no matter how much greatness you put into the world.

So maybe you thought this man was your forever. So maybe your reality was obstructed by the mental image of what your relationship once was. So maybe you saw all the warning signs but chose to ignore them because you thought he was worth it. So maybe you were wrong and so what. If a man lies, if a man keeps secrets, if a man entertains other girls, if a man makes you feel insecure, or if a man makes you feel worthless he is not a man, and definitely not the man for you.

With this all being said, don’t stop loving. Love hard and then love a little more.

There is a man out there that will make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. There is a man out there that will make you feel like the only person in a room full of people. There is a man that will make your heart break worth it. Heart breaks feel like the end of the world when in reality they are just the beginning of a better world. You deserve someone who doesn’t take you for granted and adores you for you. Never think you are too much of something for someone, because you’re not. You are one of a kind and one that the man who you thought you would be with forever will never find again.

What I am saying is, don’t stop loving.

Happiness is a choice, and you owe it to yourself to choose to be happy. Don’t stop laughing just because you were told you laugh too much. Don’t stop showing your excitement just because you were told you get excited about dumb things. Don’t lose yourself just because someone was jealous of your greatness. Don’t stop seeing the best in people because when others look at you, they see the best, because you are the best. Don’t let a man who was insecure with himself make you believe love doesn’t exist. Love is everywhere and you will find the greatest love of all time, because that is what you deserve.

When a man disrespects you don’t fight for his respect. Disrespect has nothing to do with the valuation of your worth and everything to do with their character. So you fell for a man who wasn’t the man he portrayed himself to be, so what. He just lost the best thing that will ever happen to him and you just gained the world. You gained a new beginning. You gained your happiness back. You gained your independence back. And most importantly, the world gained your presence back. The presence that affects everyone you encounter and everyone who gets the opportunity to see your genuine smile.

Happiness is a choice, now go choose to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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