An Open Letter To My Future Husband

An Open Letter To My Future Husband

To my darling future husband,

First off – if you are reading this, you need to know how special you are to me. How important you are to me. How loved you are by me. For a woman that is closed off from romantic feelings and doesn’t like to delve into emotions, this is the most intimate part of me, and I’m glad I can share it with you.

When I think about my future with you, my stomach fills with all the good types of butterflies. I can’t wait to start an amazing family when I graduate from college. Above all, I can’t wait to share my life with the person I love and cherish the most – you. Every day, I hope that you are the smart, kind, strong man that I see in my dreams. I pray that everyone close to me loves you as much as I do. Everyone knows that I’m not the easiest to be around, but the love I have for you will be worth it in the end.

Why am I taking the time to write this letter to you? I think you need to know what exactly you are getting into and how to love someone like myself – an adventurous, impulsive, spontaneous woman.

The concept of love? I think I’m a little in love with it. That being said, I’m never opposed to a good romantic gesture. I’m a simple person – you don’t need to do much to please me. Those dozen red roses (although I usually prefer orange)? I truly only need one – just like I only need one of you. Call me beautiful. Hold my hand when we walk down the street. Fulfill my dream of kissing in the rain, a la Noah and Allie in The Notebook. Those small things will continuously keep a smile on my face.

Laughing and loving are two of my many philosophies in life. I’m initially an introvert, but once you crack my shell, I’m outgoing and silly – meaning you need to be able to keep up with my silliness and love for things out of the ordinary. My dream relationship? Laughter, inside jokes… and a lot of kisses. I love to smile, and don’t get me started on my laugh – I find myself snorting and squeaking when I laugh so hard. What I need from you is to keep me laughing and be my rock when I feel like the world is falling apart.

Despite my happy exterior, I can be sensitive. My heart is huge and I’m there whenever someone needs me. Even when they don’t deserve my love or compassion. They can kick me down over and over, but believe me – I will try to be there and catch the person when he or she falls. Please don’t take advantage of my generosity. When these people push me down, I need you to pick up the pieces. I can’t afford to have you break me down more.

To be honest? All I want is a simple life. Material things don’t make a happy life. A loving family and friends do. They are everything to me, which is more than any amount of money can give me.

Another thing to take note of: I CAN BE CRAZY. Post this everywhere that you look. Make it a reminder on your phone. Highlight it. Put it on a Post-It note. Whatever helps you remember this, do it. I can get angry and go from zero to one hundred in the split of a second. I can be stubborn. I will be blunt and completely honest with you, even when you don’t want to hear it. One minute I’ll want to make love to you and then the next minute you’ll be sleeping on the couch. I am warning you now: I can be a bit (okay – a lot) over-dramatic. If I wake you up in the middle of the night from crying or sheer worry, just be gentle with me. Play with the hair on the back of my neck. Give me a good massage. Kiss me until I calm down. If none of that works – you’re just going to have to suck it up. Just a heads up, and I apologize in advance. ❤

Also: once we are married, you’re stuck with me. Divorce is something that I don’t believe in, because when I married you, I saw my entire future. There will be times when things get tough and we will thing that our marriage is beyond repair. That’s not true. If my parents were able to survive almost divorcing twice, we will be able to work things out and grow from every argument. And let’s be real – every argument that we make up from leads to make up sex… just remember that and we will be great.

Last but never the least: I trust myself to know that I am marrying you because my love for you runs deep. You bring out the best in me, and I can’t wait for all the adventures together. The person you are, the person you bring out in me – I love all of you. Flaws and all. I am marrying you and no matter what happens, my love for you will never stop growing. You are my lobster, as Phoebe said in Friends. You are my soulmate. You are my one.

In the song “God Gave Me You,” Blake Shelton says, “God gave me you for the ups and downs,” and I believe in that one hundred percent. I don’t know where you are or whether you are thinking of me right now, but I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to make the memories that last a lifetime. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Life is going to be a rollercoaster, but it will be the best ride of our lives.

See you soon, my darling.

With all my love,

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Adrianna Freedman is a current senior at Yeshiva University.

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