25 Things You’ll Learn The First Time You Get Your Heart Broken

Merra Marie
Merra Marie

1. Stop looking for an answer or a reason. You will never get one that will satisfy you.

2. Haagen Daas’ Dulce De Leche ice cream can be your best friend.

3. As for human best friends, they are so important to have. You will quickly find out who your real ones are — let them help you.

4. Emotions are always more powerful at night. Don’t let yours trick you into doing something you’ll regret in the morning.

5. It will be a long time before he is not the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning. Just accept that.

6. The best thing to do when you feel like you want to punch your fist through a window is to get in your car and just drive. Drive and drive and drive.

7. As for driving, any Taylor Swift song is good accompaniment. (Even if you aren’t her biggest fan, I promise you’ll find a song that you can just belt out).

8. Just because he doesn’t love you back doesn’t mean that no one ever will.

9. Alcohol is okay to use as temporary cure for a night or two. Don’t let it become a temporary cure every night.

10. “Not everyone you lose is a loss.”

11. Moms really do know best. And even though she made it known that she hated that guy you loved with every ounce of your being she will never say, “I told you so.”

12. The first time you see him with another girl, your heart will sink to your stomach and your knees will give out. You will want to burst into gut-wrenching sobs but you’ll also want to hit something really hard. But don’t hate the new girl

13. Being a woman means facing every situation with a kind of dignified aura, and upholding that kind of class is the biggest gift you can ever give yourself.

14. Twitter is NOT your diary.

15. As for real diaries, they are very good to keep. Re-reading old entries and seeing all the progress you’ve made is an incredibly satisfying feeling.

16. There will be a lot of nights where you will cry yourself to sleep. There will be a lot of nights that you won’t be able to sleep. Your broken moments do not define you; the sun will always rise in the morning.

17. Time really truly does heal everything. There is no magic amount of time that will mend your broken heart, but it will happen. Time is a wonderful thing.

18. Instead of sleeping your days away, read your days away. Just because your heart is in a thousand pieces does not mean you can’t better yourself and your education.

19. The best things come when you aren’t looking. Remember this when you spend your nights scouting for a rebound.

20. You’re going to compare most other men to him, and that’s okay. Just know that one day you’ll meet someone who is a thousand times better in comparison.

21. It is absolutely okay to wallow.

22. It’s okay to be the one that loved more.

23. There will come a time when thinking about kissing him will make your stomach turn (and not in a good way). That will be a wonderful day.

24. It is absolutely okay to never want to “ just be friends.”

25. It may not be the last time your heart is cracked in half, but the first time is always the worst. If it ever happens again, you will know how to handle yourself. You will come out of this stronger, you will learn to love yourself more and you will learn things about yourself that you never knew. When he sees how happy you’ve become and how much confidence you have, he’ll wonder if he made the biggest mistake of his life. He probably did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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