A Marathoner’s Guide To The Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is just days away. So before you dash off to spend time with your family, it’s only fair it you block off a night and spend some time with your Friends. Here’s the one true guide for a Friends Thanksgiving Marathon. Va fa Napoli!


“The One Where Underdog Gets Away” (Season 1, Episode 9)

Plot: Everyone’s individual plans for Thanksgiving go wildly awry before they get locked out of Monica’s apartment. Joey’s new ad campaign isn’t as exciting for his career as he had hoped. Underdog does as promised and gets away.


Chandler (rushing in): “Oh my god! Underdog has broken loose and is flying over the city!”

Joey: “The balloon?”

Chandler: “No, no… The actual cartoon character…”

Fate of the Turkey: Because the actual turkey was burned to a crisp while they were locked out of the apartment, grilled cheese was served as a replacement. Joey got the bigger half of the designated “wish” sandwich after wishing for the bigger half of the sandwich.

NYC Inaccuracy: There’s no way a public service campaign would have the budget for that much advertising. Related: that only vaguely looks like the Bleeker Street subway station.

Best Friend: Monica, for having to make all the potatoes before her first independent Thanksgiving dinner was ruined anyway.

Random Observation: Phoebe suggests that Ross put his head in the turkey. Later Joey does exactly this to scare Monica before Monica does this again for Chandler. This is a group of friends very comfortable with salmonella.

Drink Pairing: Mulled cider, because Monica is preparing it while baking and it’s the perfect beverage to escort you into the autumn/Thanksgiving/drunk mood.

“The One with the List” (Season 2, Episode 8)

Plot: Not strictly a “Thanksgiving episode” but this is what we were given that year and this is what we will watch. Ross makes a pros and cons list about dating Rachel on Chandler’s new computer while Monica attempts to invent new Thanksgiving recipes from a horrible new ingredient.


Phoebe (tasting the Mockolate): “Oh, sweet Lord! This is what evil must taste like!”

Fate of the Turkey: Nonexistent, but still a better meal than Fishtachios.

NYC Inaccuracy: Despite the inclement weather everyone entering from the street is bone dry and has perfect hair. (Except sad Ross.)

Best Friend: Ross, for following his heart right up the fire escape. His second list is very sweet. Well, at least sweeter than Mockolate.

Random Observation: The song Ross requests from the radio DJ is With or Without You by U2. This song also plays when Ross cheats on Rachel with Chloe, the copy girl. If this took place in 2014 Ross could have just pulled up the free U2 album on iTunes.

Drink Pairing: Red wine, a romantic episode gets a romantic drink. It’s also goes great with pilgrim Mockolate mousse (it has buckles on it).


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