This Is Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Bullshit


Suicide should not be beautified. It is not the pretty girl who gets all the attention from the popular kids. It is not the pretty girl who makes friends with the wrong people, and ignores the right ones. It is those who battle with themselves on a daily basis, constantly feeling alone, struggling with their inner demons. Suicide is not Hannah Baker. It is not mystified and it is not a normal. Suicide is not getting revenge on all of those who hurt you. It is not making tapes before you kill yourself so they can finally understand what they did to you. Suicide is one’s ending cry.

This show is total bullshit. The pretty girl with all of the attention is not going to kill herself because she loses friends that do her wrong. It is ridiculous. Each episode follows Hannah Baker while focusing on a tape of why a certain person led her to kill herself. Fuck that. Suicide is not a tape explaining to someone why they made you kill yourself. This show is literally a joke. Suicide doesn’t happen like that.

Apparently in this high school, everyone knows Hannah. Literally everyone. When does that happen realistically? Never. Anyone can tell you that their high school does not revolve around one specific girl. No one is that special, except in this case. One guy publishes a poem she wrote anonymously and everyone knew she was the one to write it. Someone please explain how that happens because I don’t get it. And then the ending says that Clay should have been there for her more. He was in love with her and never did her wrong, but that just wasn’t enough. This show also doesn’t show emotions. It seems like no one is upset over the fact they’re hearing a dead girls voice tell them that they assisted her suicide.

Other people are not responsible for your mental health. Actions toward someone, alone, are not going to be the cause of someone’s suicide. Suicide happens because of someone’s mental health and it not being fought with.

They kill themselves because it seems like there is absolutely no other option. It seems as though nothing is ever going to get better. It is not because you get passed around by the popular kids. This show fantasizes what people think suicide is about. Suicide is ugly. It is depressing. And it should never be an option.

If you want to make awareness of suicide, be real. Do not hide the facts, the ugliness, the tragedy. Unexpected death is never easy. Stop taking the reality out of it. A show shouldn’t make you want to be kind to people. You should already know that. Stop using a show to tell how much of  a good person you are and start paying attention. Stop fucking around and start being a nice person who actually gives a shit about life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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