11 Life Hacks For The Emotionally Struggling 20-Something

You Are More Than Enough

I want to tell you that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

I want to tell you that everything will be ok, maybe not now but eventually.

This part of your story isn’t the end yet. Maybe a chapter is ending but for sure another chapter will begin. We all have a good amount of bad decisions in our life. But no matter how bad our days have been it’s always down to how you see it right? You have to know that we have to go to hell before we get to heaven. You may not know it now but someday everything will make sense. It may be hard some days, but good maybe even great at most days. That’s something to smile about.

I want to tell you that you’re smart enough to be where you are right now.

You’re maybe thinking that there are so many women out there that are better than you are and yes that might have been true but you are there to where you are because you are enough, you worked your ass off just to be standing there and doing what you’re good at. It doesn’t matter how many women are better than you, it’s what you can offer and what you can do to be able to be there now and not them. You are more than enough and that’s something to be proud about.

I want to tell you that you’re beautiful enough.

You might think that some days you’re pretty and most days you feel so ugly. I know and probably a good amount of women out there feel the same way. No amount of makeup can judge you because you are beautiful, you are gorgeous. You have to remember that even in those days you don’t feel good about yourself just take a look in the mirror and see that God gave you that face or that body and that makes you beautiful in so many ways.

I want to tell you that someday you’ll get what you want.

Just think that what you are wishing for now will be yours at the right time. You just have to be patient and you have to work hard to get it. Be a tough cookie and someday you’ll find what it is you want or what it is that is right for you. Know that nothing worth it is easy in this world.

I want to tell you that you are perfect with all those flaws you have.

You are perfect. Yes, you are. You have to make to terms that you may not be flawless (and this may sound so cliché and so true) but those flaws make you human, it makes you unique and that made you perfect. We may have this concept or image of perfection in our minds and we sometimes overlook how we should define it. But the true definition of perfection is how you see it and not about what people say. So don’t compare yourself with everyone else because you are not them you are better, so much better.

I want to tell you to stop letting others define you.

You have to know that at some point you have to stop listening to all the bad things that they say about you. You have to learn to ignore them because people are gonna lapel you, they’re gonna judge you no matter what you do. It’s just reality slapping you in the face. It’s how you handle it that defines who you are. Don’t let those bad things they say get to your head. People throw rocks at things that shine right? Make them your inspiration and show them that they are so wrong at judging you.

I want to tell you that you can make decisions on your own.

It’s easier to just go with the flow and let others make the decision you are dreading to make but sometimes it’s much more fulfilling to make it on your own because you are an independent and strong woman. You have to let yourself be responsible for your life; it is your life after all. Buy that shoes you’ve been eyeing for days or get your hair done the way you want it. Make a reset and a fresh start.

I want to tell you to start believing in yourself, to love yourself before someone can because you have to remember that you are more than enough and someday someone will see that. TC mark

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