Aafia Syed

Student at The Johns Hopkins University

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Aafia Syed

A Stream Of Consciousness: The Bubbles We Create

Sarah wishes everyone was sitting a little bit closer together, but she knows that their bubbles would not survive such close proximity, and resigns herself to the ways of this mysterious place where Alone and Together are friends, or maybe distant cousins, rather than enemies

Diamonds And Rose Petals

Most people associate diamonds and rose petals with Valentine’s Day. I associate the two with poetry and patience – simplicity and soft hearts.


I remember thinking it was a genie lamp when I was a kid living with my father – back when I was a typical Daddy’s Little Girl.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin: Friends And Family

Some of the most beautiful moments in my life are moments in which I realize that the flip, the transformation, is succeeding – when my friends steal food out of my place or clothes out of my closet without asking, as if we’re family, or my mom shares work stories with me while I’m driving the car, as if we’re friends.

Man on Wire: A Reflection

The documentary Man on Wire (released in 2008) received a shocking 100% from critics on rottentomatoes.com, one of my most trusted sources when it comes to movie ratings.