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Harvard Sailing Team, the sketch group in no way affiliated with Harvard or its sailing team but who were behind the funny, funny Boys Will Be Girls YouTube hit, is back with another sketch. This time, it’s a kind-of funny, but mostly annoying, dig at hipsters.

It’s NBA playoff season, which means basketball fans around the world are obsessing inconsequentially about their teams. But as much as Lakers fans may grate at your soul or Knicks devotees may strike you as the most pathetic fans in the league, devoted in fandom in England and the rest of the soccer-watching world is on another level of intensity, as evidenced by this video of an Arsenal fan freaking out.

Although it could fit into my current apartment about four times over, this very small, very green box home actually seems pretty livable. The Cube, a prototype of which was unveiled last month at the Edinburgh Science Festival, is three meters on all sides and has a head height of two meters, creator Dr. Mike Page explains in this video.

In this awesome photo essay, aptly titled “What If You Lived At Ikea,” photographer Christian Gideon and his friends clandestinely explored—wait for it—what it would be like to live at Ikea. I guess it would be pretty much the same as living in my apartment, except with furniture that has all its screws and isn’t at risk of collapsing every time you open a drawer or set a plate down.

In this incredible footage unearthed from 1994, we discover a group of journalists and tech geeks at the Knight Ridder think tank who pretty much predicted the iPad as an electronic newspaper. They even had a modern-looking prototype incorporating text, audio, video, and graphics.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, your latest frump-to-fame story: Michael Collings, a 19-year-old IT engineer and wannabe recording artist, wowed the judges and audience on Britain’s Got Talent with an impressive and charming acoustic performance of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” All that in spite of being overweight and appearing dressed for “a long-haul flight.”

The BBC’s Human Planet program is a stellar documentary series about nature and human life. Over the course of the past few months, the program has covered such interesting stories as the Bajau underwater hunter, the building of a green city in Dubai, and camel herding in the Gobi desert.

It’s the double standard of all double standards: men who speak openly about their promiscuity are admired; women who do the same are reviled. And the age-old debate has been re-ignited online this week in response to a YouTube video featuring a teenage girl rapping pretty explicitly about her sex life.

When her parents refused to buy her a horse, this 15-year-old German teenager decided to train the family cow instead. It took a couple of years, but the girl, Regina Mayer, eventually taught the cow to follow commands, jump over fences, and otherwise behave more or less like a horse.

New Yorkers get a lot of flack for complaining about the city’s public transit. After all, our buses and subways run 24 hours a day and they can take you pretty much anywhere in the five boroughs. The problem, though, is that they tend to be painfully slow, according to comedian Mark Malkoff and pretty much anyone who’s ever taken a bus in Manhattan.

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