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Josh Gondelman is a writer and comedian who incubated in Boston before moving to New York City. His writing has been ...

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Suspended from the ceiling of the Museum of Natural History is a large ceramic Mobius strip, evoking the infinite potential of science. The sculpture is draped in fettuccini. From a speaker, the voice of a carnival barker exhorts passersby to step up and view the Never Ending Pasta Bowl, only $11.99 at the Olive Garden. Boom. — Haven’t Seen It matches you with a partner on the most important dimension of compatibility: What tv shows haven’t you seen?

Soon it will contain offices or dorms or classrooms. It will serve the community. This building is making me look bad.

Railing on about those things now is like standing on the beach complaining that high tide “tries to do too much” and low tide “defers to the shore at big moments.”

Answer all questions as if you were Ryan Gosling’s character from ‘Drive.’ (With silent, mournful changes of expression.)

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