This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Wait For, Based On Your Birth Month

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Wait for the guy who can keep up with your ambitious and hardworking nature. You’re a badass go-getter, and you deserve not only someone who isn’t intimidated by how successful and driven you are, but who is willing to run alongside you and support you in whatever way you need.


Wait for the guy who is patient and curious with all things, but especially with you. You’re a pretty unpredictable spirit – one minute you’re adventurous and fiery, and the next you’re quiet and contemplative. Find a guy who loves all aspects of who you are, from the light side of you to the vulnerable side of you to everything in between.


Wait for the guy who takes care of you as much as you take care of him. You’re such an honest, thoughtful, and compassionate person, and you deserve a guy who only admires and adores these qualities about you, rather than seeing them as something he could use for his own benefit. You deserve someone who finally puts you first, the way that you put everyone else before yourself.


Wait for the guy who falls in love with your spark. While some guys in the past may have been thrown off by your strong and memorable personality, and how you’re unashamed of being open about your emotions – you finally deserve a guy who loves you for those aspects of your personality and is confident enough in himself to not be intimidated by how unique and secure you are.


Wait for a guy who can match your pace. You’re focused, dedicated to your passions, and highly motivated, and you need a guy who can meet you at that level. You need a guy who wants you to each have your own separate lives, but who still wants to foster a supportive and encouraging partnership together.


Wait for a guy who is willing to be emotionally open and vulnerable. In the past, your sensitivity and compassion have sometimes led you to be with broken people who you felt you needed to take care of. And although it’s okay to be with someone who’s experienced a lot of hardship, it’s not your job to fix anybody. You still deserve to be with someone who is as vulnerable and loving towards you as you are towards them.


Wait for a guy who just wants you to be you. You have such an outgoing and friendly nature that you attract a lot of people towards you – both romantic prospects and friends. You need (and deserve) a guy who is self-assured enough not only to be okay with how loved and magnetic you are, but who loves you even more because of it. Be with a guy who never makes you feel like you have to ‘tone it down’ just to make him feel more secure.


Wait for a guy who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You have the personality of a leader – people admire you, listen to you, and look up to you. And although you deserve a guy who respects you and loves you for your strength and self-possession, you also need a guy who doesn’t let you get whatever you want or let you walk all over him. Relationships need to be even and level, and you need a guy who can be supportive while also not being afraid to stick up for himself.


Wait for a guy who loves your passion for knowledge, experience, and growth. You never want to stop learning and you deserve a partner who never wants to stop learning with you. Although you are a deeply curious and passionate person, you do have some trouble opening up emotionally, so you also need a guy who’s not afraid to dig deeper with you and challenge you to be a little more daring with your heart.


Wait for a guy who never takes your warmth, kindness, and affection for granted. You have so much love to give, and you deserve a guy who will always appreciate your kindness and who will never attempt to take advantage of it. Wait for the guy who is equally as affectionate as you and who only adds joy, not pain, to your life.


Wait for a guy who truly sees you and never stops trying to further understand you. You are extremely focused, hardworking, and creative, but you can also be somewhat quiet and will sometimes hold yourself back in group settings. You deserve the guy who loves your driven side but is also working constantly to learn about you, get to know you, and truly make the two of you feel comfortable and close with one another.


Wait for the guy who loves to have fun with you. You have such a bright and playful personality, and you deserve to be with someone who only adds to that instead of taking away from it. So find the guy who appreciates your silliness, who loves to joke around with you, and who can hold a deep conversation with you while still being able to make you laugh every single day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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