Stop Holding Onto Love That Is Slipping Away

A girl holding onto her love
Unsplash / Dani Vivanco

You want to be able to say you did absolutely everything to salvage your love. You don’t want to give up without a fight, because you know relationships are never easy. No matter how perfect you are for each other, there are bound to be difficult moments. Trenches you have to dig yourself out of together.

But that’s the key word. Together. You can’t be the only person who is trying to set things right. The effort you exert needs to be matched by another.

If you’re the only person fighting for the relationship to last, nothing is going to change. You can’t win a one-sided battle.

Stop fighting to keep someone around who clearly doesn’t care. Stop trying to be The Romantic who refuses to give up on a relationship that is already over. Stop holding onto love that is slipping away.

If your person shuts you out, if they hurt you day after day, don’t make excuses for their behavior. Don’t talk yourself into believing they are going to change if you push them hard enough.

Look at the person you are dating right now. Not the person they were when you first met. Not the person they have the potential to become in the future. Is the person standing in front of you today the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life alongside? Is it someone you should continue fighting to keep?

You know the answer, even if you are afraid to admit it. You know what you deserve and you don’t have it right now.

Stop being stubborn. Stop clinging onto the daydream you created where the two of you live happily ever after. Plans change. People change. Intentions change.

Your feelings might be the only constant. You might still love them as strongly as when you first met them, which is why the last thing you want is to walk away. You feel like you haven’t done enough yet. You are holding onto the hope that things will change if you wait long enough, if you love hard enough.

But if you take your heart out of the equation, if you think logically, you’ll realize that staying is only going to prolong your pain.

When you’re the only one fighting to keep a relationship alive, it becomes exhausting. It turns your life into a series of disappointments. Even worse, it wastes energy you could be spending on something else, on someone else.

Take yourself out of your misery by ending the relationship. By admitting defeat. It doesn’t make you any less of a fighter. A real fighter knows when the battle is futile, when they should wave their white flag and find something new to fight for, something better.

Stop holding onto a love that is slipping away, because no matter how hard you try to grasp it, it is going to fall into the abyss eventually. There is nothing you can do to change that. Some relationships cannot be saved — but you can always be saved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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